Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sticky Hand

I never claimed to be observant, and apparently, I'm not. You see, I have been living with a foreign object hanging above my head since Monday (when the minis were home for MLK day) and did not notice it until I happened upon all three of my offspring standing on the living room furniture, firing Nerf guns at the ceiling yesterday. They were firing at the red object below, trying to get it down (before I noticed - ha!).

Please ignore the not-so-lovely ceiling fan, I am still saving for my wine barrel chandeliers from Restoration Hardware! (which is now going toward the new abode)

It is well-known around our home that I don't like these sticky things, as at our last home, my precious little ones stuck one to the wall and the observant mother that I am, left it there and it stained the wall! The last thing I need is a red stain on the ceiling but we can't get this thing down! It is fifteen feet up and no amount of stacked chairs, broom sticks and high-powered Nerf gun bullets can dislodge this sticky, red wonder. Yes, we have an extension ladder, but that would require going out to the garage, clearing a path to said ladder and carrying that beast into the house and then back. No, it is definitely more fun to risk life and limb by climbing on a chair stacked on another chair. Maybe I'll just leave it. I'll give it a name. Charlotte. Yes, as in Charlotte's Web. We will be the only house on the block with one. We'll start a trend. Sticky Hand pets - what do you think?


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