Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fabulous

I just had to share these fabulous Traditional Home photos of a home
in Rosemary Beach to kick-off your weekend.
The calendar says it is still August, but we have high school football, soccer practice and a volleyball party on tap for the weekend. That sounds like fall to me. Oh please Mr. Temperature, get the message that cooler weather is needed!

Happy Friday everyone!


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Master Bedroom Spice

Hello Lovelies! Now that all of my kiddos are back in school,  and I have two weeks until I go back to school (I teach preschool two days a week. I know, hard times.), it is time for mama to get some projects done! Today, I had the carpets cleaned. Side note: we have been in our home for a year and a half. You would think that we are pigs and our home is surrounded by mud and slop to look at our carpets. Anyone else? Or is my family really a bunch of pigs? The carpet looks so much better! Okay, back to the point at hand. Projects! I finally got around to purchasing some chandeliers. I could not find what I wanted during our remodel and the budget just wouldn't stretch, so I have some dark rooms. No more! Installation coming soon! One of those little lovelies is going in the master. It just needs some polish, so that is my next project.
I love my bedroom. It is a cozy space and I have it crammed with an enormous bed and large furniture that would make most designers cringe, but, I love it! I love the fact that I have to make a running jump to get on my bed. I love the love seat at the foot of the bed that is great for reading and snuggling with my family. I love my bedding. I splurged on Leontine Linens several years ago and I am still happy with it. So what is wrong? No curtains and a lack of polish to the room. We live in a 1960's ranch and still have the 1960's windows in this part of the house. You know, the lovely windows that start four feet off of the floor. Not. pretty. at. all. Again, the budget that wouldn't stretch comes into play. Someday, maybe, new windows will be on the agenda. In the meantime, curtains!
Here are my inspirations from Pinterest. 

 I love the color in this room.

 This is more color than I will have, but I love the coziness of the space, the bedside tables and the framed pin board in the corner.

This is sexy!

 Designer Hillary Thomas - love


This is the master of Edie from Life In Grace. I adore this!



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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Yesterday, we hit a big milestone at the Pearl household. Fisherman started high school. High school! How can that be? I remember his first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday. When did he learn to tie his shoes and say his alphabet, learn his times tables and read books without pictures? When did he stop having me walk him into school and do his homework on his own? I am so excited for him and this new chapter, but you wouldn't know it by the way I boohooed as he drove away with Mr. Pearl yesterday morning. I made it worse by thinking that because of his late spring birthday (and assuming he stays out of trouble), this will be the last time one of his parents drives him to school! 

Kindergarten Fisherman

First day of high school - ninth grade

Today was a bit better, no tears. Sweet Pea and Sport start school tomorrow morning. I will be driving them to school and walking them in and maybe hanging around more than I should, but I don't care. Time is going too fast and I am going to savor these moments. Good luck to other moms out there! It's okay to cry!



Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh No!!!!

School starts next week! The summer is over, but it just began! Be still my heart. I am so not ready for ninth, seventh and fourth grade. If I hide under my covers, will it just not happen? Oh, if it were that easy. I feel as though I have been registering for college all over again preparing Fisherman for high school. Whoa! High school is NOT what it used to be. Thank the good Lord that I have a wonderful, smart boy that can navigate the road through high school without his momma holding him back.

Good luck to everyone else in the same boat and 



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