Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keep Calm and...

Reign On! The fun and festivities are about to begin for the Queen's jubilee! Are you ready? Tomorrow's post will be a fun history lesson full of photos of the beloved monarch to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. I definitely have Monarchy Mania. Just grab a spot of tea and some digestives and read on! Here are a few pictures to put you in the proper state of mind...



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Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Gifts

We have checked Monday off the list, that means three and a half days until school is out, but who's counting? I spent the day tying-up loose ends and searching for the perfect teacher gifts. Yes, we do the "everyone pitch-in" thing and purchase a gift card or something from the entire class, but the mini-pearls love to give their own gifts. Gifts that are meaningful (we have been so blessed by AMAZING teachers this year), but won't break the bank. I also don't want to add clutter to these precious teachers' lives, I mean, we all have enough clutter. So, a meaningful, useful, cost effective gift of the "non-junk" variety is in order. That is a pretty tall order!

My first idea was little bundt cakes from the local bakery with a tags that read,"You have been nothing bundt awesome this year!" Sweet Pea informed me that "that has been done" and would not do. Yet, she did not have any better answers. My next idea I kept a secret from my darling daughter and just went with it. The result? Bright, cute, plastic cups with lids and straws from World Market. I even picked one up for myself! Who couldn't use a new cup to fill with an ice cold beverage to tote around? And in case you are wondering, it received Sweet Pea's approval. Whew!

 Aren't these cute?

 I wrote each teacher's name on colorful tags.

 On the back of each tag I wrote: 
"Thank you for 'filling us/me up' with knowledge this year!
We/I hope this helps you 'drink-in' a refreshing summer!"
(Some of our teachers have more than one of the mini-pearls)

Finished product - sorry for the bad pics, my good camera is still not fixed!

Summer is coming - like it or not!


Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Almost a Wrap!

The last weekend of the school year is upon us and we are already in "summer" mode. Sweet Pea has a light week next week and Sport had his end of the year program yesterday (this was my last performance, as Sport will move on out of the "early childhood" grades and on to sniff, 3rd grade!). Poor Fisherman is more than a little bummed though, as a middle schooler, he has to earn his summer by taking finals next week. I feel his pain! Sweet Pea has a volleyball tournament tomorrow and other than that, we are going to enjoy the weekend!

The mini-pearls are blessed with sweet friends.
Sweet Pea and her friend got to pass out the programs at the performance - she was pretty excited about  this. This show was the Pre-K through 2nd, so she was quite proud of being the "big kid."

My good camera is not working, so I wasn't able to get many good shots, but these are all priceless! The little moments and all the activity going on cracks me up! Sport finally spotted me and decided he didn't want any more pics taken, hence the hands over the face.

Yes, there is nothing in the world like seventh grade boys. You can always spot them and smell them; a mixture of b.o. and Axe. As a follow-up on Fisherman's class trip, with three boys in his room, they had five cans of Axe among them. I can only imagine... I have really been working on Fisherman about how cologne and deodorant is a much better combo than Axe and deodorant. Ok, anything minus Axe is better! Gotta love him though.

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Navy Baby - WIth a Hint of Lime!

I am finally getting around to "fluffing" our family room. The walls are lime green and the furniture is neutral, so I am thinking navy with hints of lime, turquoise and maybe a dash of hot pink to liven the place up. Navy and green are crisp, classic and little preppy and yet modern and fun- can't go wrong!

We are now in the mad dash to the last day of school; one week from Friday. Summer is coming ready or not! I think I may need my lime with a margarita, not on the wall. I'm just not ready for summer break! Well, good luck to everyone else in my same position and to those of you who aren't'... consider yourself darn lucky!

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

 Brunschwig and Fils

 Barrie Bensie

 Kate Spade



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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day and Honest Abe

I have just spent a wonderful day with my mom and our family. Nothing fancy, just a leisurely lunch and lots of laughs over the afternoon. This, of course, after a delicious breakfast in bed and a shower of love from the mini-pearls and Mr. Pearl. Being a mom to my three is my greatest joy and even on the difficult days, I thank God for the amazing opportunity He has given and then I pray that I don't mess it up too badly! I have such a loving example in my own mom and she is a blessing to our family. Thank you mom!

I snapped a few shots of the table. I went with a "frenchy" theme with toile linens, fresh lavender and peonies and blue transfer ware dishes. I was told not to do anything, but it was for my own mom, too. I could not resist the peonies they almost look fake they are so gorgeous.

This last week, Sweet Pea's class had their American History Living Museum. Each student chose an American, historical figure and researched a report on that person. The unit ended with the student dressing-up like that person at a living museum. Oh, how excited I was for Sweet Pea! Who would she choose? Jackie O. (a pink suit, a fabulous evening gown, a Lilly dress) or Martha Washington (I thought we could modify her Marie Antoinette Halloween costume) or Grace Kelly (again, glamorous) or Eleanor Roosevelt - I could go on forever - so many fun choices! Who did my darling daughter choose? Why, she chose Abraham Lincoln of course, because that is who all fifth grade girls choose. What? Really?

This was our conversation:
Me: Who do you want to choose for your report?
Sweet Pea: I am thinking Abraham Lincoln.
Me: Wouldn't you rather be someone glamorous and fun?
Sweet Pea: Lincoln is fun.
Me: What made you choose him?
Sweet Pea: Well, I am really interested in the Civil War and I REALLY want to wear the beard!

So, one stove pipe hat, coat with tails and Lincoln beard later, we had honest Abe. Sweet Pea fancies herself as a thespian, so I think that she felt that choosing Lincoln would challenge her more as a serious actor and would look good on her resume. I must say, she made one good, albeit, a little to pretty, Abe Lincoln. I guess I have to let her grow into her own person, but i don't have to like it! 

That's Abe in the middle with Jim Bowie and his knife on the left and Harriet Tubman on the right.

 Yes, a very serious gig for Sweet Pea!

 Happy Mother's Day!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Complete Me

I know that one should never say, "If I had this, I would be happy."BUT, I think that it might ring true for this butler's pantry. I can just see all of my vintage dishes and platters and vases all lined-up and on display in here. The wall of glass, the lighting - everything - aaahhh yes, this would complete me and make me more than happy, too!



Picture via: Shannon Berrey

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chinoiserie Love

I have been in love with Chinoiserie ever since I first laid eyes on a beautiful Blue Willow platter. The little scene just drew me in! Chinoiserie is a French term meaning "Chinese-esque". Chinoiserie reflects Chinese artistic influences in furniture, fabric and prints, pottery and china and wall coverings. Here a some examples...

Happy Monday!


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