Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday - We're outta here!

The family trucksters are loaded and we are headed for the coast! We are looking forward to scenery like this....

and this......

and we plan to do stuff like this.....

(that's Mr. Pearl in the raft!)

and this...

and we take playing in the sand very seriously - like this...

and we dance on the sand, like this...

and this....

So, next week, we'll have our toes in the water and the sand - like this....

but we won't forget everyone in blogland! Next week on Birdie Pearl is Beach Week! Please don't forget to drop-by and enjoy the sand and sun with us!

on the road again,


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday - a few of my favorite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...
a few of my favorite Pink and Green things.

an archway of fragrant roses in a peaceful garden

a favorite fragrance

a vintage dress

a view framed by roses, and the soft carpet of fallen petals beneath my feet

I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad!



rose pictures - Mooseys Country Gardens
dress picture-

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She sells seashells

At Home with Chris Madden publication

Veranda publication

I have a soft-spot for sea shells. Each one is a little treasure from the sea. My family likes to joke about the fact that the only side they see of me at the beach is my backside, stuck in the air, as I am always bent over looking for my little sea treasures! My sweet sister-in-law is usually
with me, so my backside is not alone!

Country Home - November 2004

Country Home publication

antique wooden bread bowl with shells in my living room

decorative shell boxes in my entry - I label the bottoms with the year and the beach where the shells were found

Each summer, we haul numerous, plastic grocery bags full of shells home from the beach. We also make a stop by our favorite sea shell store - I sell seashells down by the seashore (that's the name of it)- and buy a few prized specimens for our collections. I have gotten the mini-pearls hooked on shells, too. The bags of shells were starting to pile-up and I hated to throw my little treasures away, so I have gotten creative with ways to make keepsakes out of our stash.

antique typesetter tray with shells - this is in my family room

vintage Italian stacking tables with shell covered spheres- my living room

Shells add a wonderful touch to any decor. I pile them in bowls and pretty glass jars. I even have a bunch piled in a birdcage! I place larger shells on top of a stack of books. I have made several decorative shell boxes and my latest is a three and a half foot cross covered in shells that is hanging above my bathtub. I hope this inspires you to get creative and use your own little treasures around your home.

shells in a birdcage!

mosaic shell cross, glass jar filled with starfish

close-up of shell boxes and cross



*unless noted, pictures are of my own home*

Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Crush - Lynn von Kersting

Creative Home Magazine - 2005

Decorating magazine - Spring 2005

California designer, Lynn von Kersting, has been a crush of mine for a while. I love the eclectic charm of her interiors, the bold use of color and the romantic, world-traveled look of her accessories. I believe that a home's interior should read like a scrapbook of one's life and loves and von Kersting seems to embrace this philosophy, as well. Paired-down and simple, von Kersting is not, and that is one of the many reasons her designs speak to me! Hope you enjoy!

Paint palettes as art! - Creative Home - summer 2005

Creative Home - summer 2005

Creative Home - summer 2005
Love the Chinese lanterns hanging from the chandelier.
Creative Home -summer 2005

Decorating - spring 2005

Majolica envy!- Traditional Home -April 2004
Traditional Home - April 2004

Look at all the treasures lined-up along the ledge!
Traditional Home-April 2004
Traditional Home - April 2004


Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday - 80's Air Band

This picture really defies explanation, but I really did think I looked "cool" as I had my photo taken! This was MY summer camp experience! Oh,the good old 80's! This was for the camp "Talent Show" (huh?) my cabin and I did an "air band" to Ratt's "Round and Round". (Just what mom and dad sent me to camp to do!) The shirt I am wearing was my FAVORITE!!! So much so that I cut-off the sleeves to make it even more wonderful! The back of it had a rat, wearing surf shorts and it said "Surf Rat". How cute is that? I truly love the purple, triangle earrings and red beads. I have no comment on the teased hair and zinc oxide streaks or the white lips. No, no comment at all.

I will say, in my defense, I won the Honor Camper award for my cabin. I don't know if that says a lot about me or very little of my fellow cabin mates. We had fun though! Oh, we had fun!

80's air band - summer 1983

Rock on !


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday - Pink Cadillac

Happy Pink and Green Thursday everyone! I am still brand-spankin new at this blogging adventure, but I am loving it! Trish at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover is an inspiration and her blog is one of the first ones that I read each day! Check her out by clicking on her blog name above- it's a treat! Anywho - in honor of my very first Pink and Green Thursday Post, I am simply posting a pic of the Mini-pearls. They tickle me pink and green each day! Today we spent the afternoon at the pool and as we were driving home, singing "Yellow Submarine", I was wishing for a convertible like the one in this pic. 100' or not, it would be a blast! I would be the coolest mom in carpool line! So, I hope you have an enchanted evening and may all of your dream drives be in pink convertibles!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Just go here with me for a minute.... wasn't that wonderful?

this picture is of Spanish Wells, beach house in the Bahamas - photo from

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pine Cove Rocks!

Dropping-off Fisherman at Pine Cove Ranch.

Dropping-off Sweet Pea at Pine Cove Towers

Sweet Pea's "cabin"- Hogglestock - it looked liked a little castle!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Pine Cove camps and their ministries. The Fisherman and Sweet Pea went to east Texas to "sleep-away" camp at Pine Cove Towers and Ranch, earlier this summer. Fisherman was reluctant to go. He was afraid he wouldn't get enough fishing time and that he would be tired. (do you hear sad violins playing?) Sweet Pea was excited to go and ready for an extended stay! Both of them ended-up having a wonderful week! Mr. Pearl and I were impressed with their counselors! The spiritual maturity of these young men and women was AMAZING and their love and enthusiasm for the Lord and our children was contagious and awesome to see!

Fisherman and his counselor "Adaquaker Oatmeal"-love those silly names.

Sweet Pea's counselor -"Boom Diddity Boom"

Last week, Fisherman went to Lego robotics camp at TCU and Sweet Pea and Sport Cort had the opportunity to attend Pine Cove Base Camp at our church. WOW! Pine Cove has started Base Camp as a way to bring camp to children who can't make it to sleep away camp. Sport Cort said it was the best week of his entire life! Again, I was so impressed! I think Sweet Pea enjoyed sleep away camp more (who wouldn't BUT this was a close second). I had two exhausted kids on Friday afternoon. Sport Cort asked to take a nap on Saturday, and slept for two and a half hours! I don't think that has ever happened!

Sweet Pea and "Nonny your business"

Sport Cort and "Unobrow"

So, shout out to Pine Cove-it rocks!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shadow Boxes

Ok, a photographer, I am not, but these are a grouping of shadow boxes in my home.

We all have little treasures hiding around our homes. You know the ones: the sorority pin tucked-in the back of your jewelry box, a baby spoon that has been outgrown, baby booties, special tokens from a date or vacation -ok, maybe I'm the only pack rat in the world that saves these things, but it's a shame to leave these little treasures hidden! Several years ago, I pulled-out some of my favorites and put them in shadow boxes. They are great conversation starters and make a sentimental piece of art to adorn your walls.

Box 1: my Brownie pin, Girl Scout pin and Kappa Key. Box 2: baby teethers belonging to my husband, oldest son and daughter.

Box 1: baby bracelets belonging to myself, my oldest son and daughter. Box 2: My favorite! Monogrammed, sterling diaper pins that were my husbands!

I Started-out with simple, black, shadow box frames from Pottery Barn. I covered the back with memo samples of wallpaper that I ordered. (fabric and scrapbook paper work well, too) I then arranged my little treasures and secured them with floral pins to reduce any damage to the items. This particular grouping, I hang together, but you can scatter them throughout your home with your current art groupings. Have fun and be creative!!!!

Box 1: spoon my mother ate her oatmeal with as a child. Box 2: my baby spoons.

Box 1: my mother's childhood cameo locket and small purse that belonged to my great-great grandmother. Box 2: booties knitted by a family friend that my daughter wore to her dedication and baby rings belonging to my three children.