Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pine Cove Rocks!

Dropping-off Fisherman at Pine Cove Ranch.

Dropping-off Sweet Pea at Pine Cove Towers

Sweet Pea's "cabin"- Hogglestock - it looked liked a little castle!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Pine Cove camps and their ministries. The Fisherman and Sweet Pea went to east Texas to "sleep-away" camp at Pine Cove Towers and Ranch, earlier this summer. Fisherman was reluctant to go. He was afraid he wouldn't get enough fishing time and that he would be tired. (do you hear sad violins playing?) Sweet Pea was excited to go and ready for an extended stay! Both of them ended-up having a wonderful week! Mr. Pearl and I were impressed with their counselors! The spiritual maturity of these young men and women was AMAZING and their love and enthusiasm for the Lord and our children was contagious and awesome to see!

Fisherman and his counselor "Adaquaker Oatmeal"-love those silly names.

Sweet Pea's counselor -"Boom Diddity Boom"

Last week, Fisherman went to Lego robotics camp at TCU and Sweet Pea and Sport Cort had the opportunity to attend Pine Cove Base Camp at our church. WOW! Pine Cove has started Base Camp as a way to bring camp to children who can't make it to sleep away camp. Sport Cort said it was the best week of his entire life! Again, I was so impressed! I think Sweet Pea enjoyed sleep away camp more (who wouldn't BUT this was a close second). I had two exhausted kids on Friday afternoon. Sport Cort asked to take a nap on Saturday, and slept for two and a half hours! I don't think that has ever happened!

Sweet Pea and "Nonny your business"

Sport Cort and "Unobrow"

So, shout out to Pine Cove-it rocks!!!!

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