Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Little Piggy...

is from World Market. I love that place! I went in to purchase a chair for Sport's room and left with a little friend. Well, Fisherman and Sweet Pea left with a little pig. It is just the cutest thing. It is a tiny grill and makes the best s'mores. It is too cute on our back patio.

They have named him Mr. Piggy. You too can have one here and it also comes in an elephant!

Happy Summer!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not Your Mama's Camp Trunk

Southern women love to monogram and personalize everything. My husband has said that if it will sit still, I will monogram it. I cannot confirm or deny this. One of my favorite projects to work on are camp trunks. Camp is a big deal here in Texas. I don't know who loves it more: the kiddos or the parents. One camp essential is the camp trunk. You have to pack your camper with all the things they will need for one week and for some, four weeks. No fear, the trunk can take it!

I have ordered our trunks from Everything Summer Camp. I am not getting paid to advertise for them. I just love their products and recommend them to all my friends! At many camps, the trunk sits at the foot of the camper's bed and is their way to personalize their little chunk of space. So, personalization is a must! Here are a few of the trunks that I have painted through the years. For some reason, I have not photographed the trunks for boys. They are more "tame" than the girls. My boys like to put stickers on theirs. I have also used sports team pennants, camo, hunting and extreme sports for themes. 

The inside lid of the trunk is a great place to tape a family photo and a sweet note to your camper. I also put a packing list there, so that we hopefully we will return home with most of our things, and I include my number one rule of camp (after having the greatest time ever) "No wet things in your trunk!" Large ziplock bags are a camper mom's best friend. I pack theme night clothing and special outfits in them and label them accordingly.

A well-packed trunk makes me feel as though I can still take care of my babies when they are away from me. I envision them opening their trunks each day and feeling my love through the sweet note and the easy to find, well-labeled clothing. I know that the labels that I ironed on their undies will make their camp experience even better. This is what I tell myself, so that when we pick Sport up and get him home from two weeks of camp heaven and I open his trunk and find pretty much everything still clean and in the bags that I packed them in I won't go crazy. Yes, that has happened. When asked why only two pairs of socks seem to be the only ones worn for two weeks - "I didn't want to ruin them all." was the reply. When asked why only one set of sheets was dirty, "We didn't have time to change them. They feel kind of sandy though." Uugghh! In his defense, underwear was changed, showers were taken and more than one shirt was worn. Not sure about the toothbrush and I don't want to know. Sweet Pea usually does use everything. She would want me to say that. 

Happy camping!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer At Our House

Hello darlings! It's summertime! I am a summer girl. I love hot days and warm nights, no bedtimes, snow cones, sun-kissed faces, pool time, lake time, anywhere around the water time, having a house and a car full of excited kiddos and the general fun spirit of summer. This summer is a little different from the rest. Fisherman has Driver's Ed and football workouts, so that boy has a full schedule that requires us to stay pretty close to home for a good chunk of our summer. The boy is not happy. Seven a.m. is a time that is not on a teenage boy's clock, so getting up each day for practice is a challenge: and that's all I have to say about that.

Never fear, we are having fun though! I have been painting camp trunks for some sweet campers and I will share those with you and I have had time to do some house-tweaking - always fun! 

A trip to the new drive-in movie in town...

Swimming with precious neighbors. Sport is really good with little ones.

A wonderful get-away to Horseshoe Bay. Fisherman was in his element, not only does he get his Driver's Learning permit this summer, but he got his Boater's license as well. We are not safe on land or water!

Fishing in the dark!

Dinner at a family convention for Mr. Pearl's job.

You might be a redneck if.....

You set-up a slip-n-slide in your front yard.

We had so much fun though!

Our summer has been really "bright" so far. Hope yours is, too!

Soakin' up the sun,