Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Valentines

Monday, feels like one to me. So, I thought I would share some "happies" with you all today - vintage valentines. I have been collecting old postcards for quite some time. I have little collections for all of the holidays and seasons and I love to tuck the cards around mirrors and in my bookshelves to celebrate days throughout the year. Each little card is a work of art on the front and back, as I love the words penned on the back of each postcard to loved ones. This is a glimpse into the lives of those who lived before us. To me, they are so much more meaningful than the emails and You Tube videos of today. What will people say about our society when they use these as a glimpse about how we lived back in 2011? I shudder to think. Antoine Dodson will be the poster child for our society. Obviously, that is a problem. We are better than You Tube, aren't we? I'll pray about that answer.
Anywho, here are my little valentine sussies tucked here and there. I do love Valentine's Day and sending and receiving cards. It's just so fun to hold a big red or pink envelope in your hands and see what is inside. I wish you all a happy Monday!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reno Memos - Parlez-vous francais?

I have decided that I need to light a fire under myself. We are supposed to be starting the renovation of our new home next week and I have nary an idea hammered-down. I know what I want and I am so excited to have the opportunity to do this, so why am I so behind? I have decided to post on my "Reno Memos" and let you all in on the process. I will start with the outside today. The exterior currently resembles a white "Pizza Hut." All it is missing is some red paint and we could go into the pizza business. This old girl speaks French to me and from the first moment I saw her, I knew that French was the way to go.
First things first, we must add more windows. The interior is quite dark and dreary, as the previous owners had an aversion to windows. Next, a gable over the front door and some dormers to break-up that massive roof! Shutters, yes, shutters would be wonderful. I also like the idea of some decorative, zinc lighthing rods - very French indeed. To cap it off (pun intended), some cast stone accents. So, here are a few of my ideas and inspirations.
What do you think?

Current exterior - we can only improve from here!

Ca c'est bon. This one really speaks to me. Can you see it?

Ooh la la! A little formal but I love the roof lines and dormers and the color of the shutters.

These next two really won't work with what I have, but I love the feeling of these homes.

The roof on this one is similar to my vision. Also, love the front doors.

Au Revoir,


My sincere apologies about the pictures. They are ones that I have saved on my computer and have no clue where they came from. If they look familiar, please let me know!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rodeo Ramblings

Western Pearls

Yes, after all the talk about "cowboy culture" and boots, we finally made it to the rodeo on Sunday. We had a blast! We got there in plenty of time to take a turn or two on some Midway rides. Sweet Pea, Sport Cort and yours truly are the only ones that really love it. Mr. Pearl and Fisherman wanted to get to the exhibits where it was warm and there were cars, tractors and a knife dealer to see. (Fisherman has decided to collect pocket knives and since Mr.P did as a kid, he isn't about to let Fisherman go about it unchaperoned. Some habits you never break.) We went through all of the barns, at least the minis and I did, Mr. P is a country boy that is highly allergic to most large farm animals, so after popping several Benadryl, he isn't much fun, so he found a bench in a well ventilated area to rest on. We were joined by Uncle G and Aunt Holli and capped-off the evening at the rodeo performance. It really was fun! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine wasn't long enough!

Midway fun!

A sympathetic Sweet Pea

Elsie the Cow- I am a little kid at this exhibit!
I love to pet Elsie and get my bottle of chocolate milk!

Western Sport Cort

The Gang - Uncle G, Aunt Holli, Mr. P and the minis

The Grand Entry

Bronc riding
Bull riding - my fave!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Painted Furniture

I have read some really great blog posts and magazine articles lately about painted furniture. Most people are usually on one side or the other...painted or natural wood stains. Me? I am both. I have been contemplating painting a couple of stained pieces. I go back and forth, but I am loving the light and airy Scandinavian feel right now. But will I love it later? I am trying to sleep on this for a while. I do have some pieces that I have painted in the past. I guess my problem tends to be that if a little paint is good, a lot is better and I go overboard with the design.

My favorite piece that I have painted is a lingerie chest that I keep in our bedroom. I painted and distressed it, added different knobs from Anthropologie to each drawer, and painted each of our names and birth dates on a drawer. It is meant to be a keepsake chest that I can store special trinkets and mementos in. There are six drawers, so the bottom one contains wedding and "couple" things for me and the mister. It's a really great idea and someday, when I am organized enough, it will be used for keepsakes instead of a giant junk drawer!

The keepsake chest .

Each pearl has their own drawer and me and Mr. P have one with our wedding date.

We have also enjoyed our youth chair. The mini-pearls have pretty much outgrown it, but we keep it around for little guests. I painted the chair when Sweet Pea was small and she and Sport Cort loved it. They always felt so old getting to sit in a chair at the table with the rest of us, instead of a highchair. Oh how I miss those days! I also have a child's rocker for each of the minis. All of these are treasured and I hope to pass them on someday. Do you all have any keepsake furniture? Painted or no?

Chest in Sweet Pea's room

Our breakfast room with a painted chest and the youth chair beside it.

Close-up of the chair - it says "tiny hiny" on the seat, "lamby pie" on the chair back, "little piggies" on the foot rest and has the "God is great. God is good." prayer across the back. It really is precious!

I feel like painting something now! Happy Monday!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday - 70's Party

Loving this! Where can I get the clothes?

It's Friday people! For a short week, this one has been a long one! I guess "short week" doesn't really apply to moms who had their children home for an extra day! I have decided to start planning out costumes for a fortieth birthday/70's disco party that me and Mr. Pearl have been invited to in a few short weeks. Oh, decisions, decisions! Do I go for that "disco diva" jumpsuit vibe or a little more of a "country club" diva sort of thing. I don't want some day-glo costumey thing, I want the REAL thing baby! My research led me to the following pictures and some sore abs from laughing so hard. Are you kidding me? These are real ads from clothing catalogues. Oh my. I am glad the seventies are over. Although, I do sort of dig matching bell bottoms. What do you think?
Me and Mr. P would be adorable in one of these! It's that Mork/meets sporty Flash Gordon/roller skater look.
Ok, this is that "country club" diva look - too cool. LOVE the glasses!

This one and the one below, well, words don't do them justice.

This is the "disco diva" look - I wore a red jumpsuit, similar to this, to a disco party in college.

If only I had saved it!

I would pay money to see Mr. Pearl in this! How bout it?

I found all these pictures at Check it out for a laugh! I will keep you all posted on the costume search! Happy weekend!

Do a little dance, make a little love

Get down tonight!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sticky Hand

I never claimed to be observant, and apparently, I'm not. You see, I have been living with a foreign object hanging above my head since Monday (when the minis were home for MLK day) and did not notice it until I happened upon all three of my offspring standing on the living room furniture, firing Nerf guns at the ceiling yesterday. They were firing at the red object below, trying to get it down (before I noticed - ha!).

Please ignore the not-so-lovely ceiling fan, I am still saving for my wine barrel chandeliers from Restoration Hardware! (which is now going toward the new abode)

It is well-known around our home that I don't like these sticky things, as at our last home, my precious little ones stuck one to the wall and the observant mother that I am, left it there and it stained the wall! The last thing I need is a red stain on the ceiling but we can't get this thing down! It is fifteen feet up and no amount of stacked chairs, broom sticks and high-powered Nerf gun bullets can dislodge this sticky, red wonder. Yes, we have an extension ladder, but that would require going out to the garage, clearing a path to said ladder and carrying that beast into the house and then back. No, it is definitely more fun to risk life and limb by climbing on a chair stacked on another chair. Maybe I'll just leave it. I'll give it a name. Charlotte. Yes, as in Charlotte's Web. We will be the only house on the block with one. We'll start a trend. Sticky Hand pets - what do you think?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Rodeo: Boots and Decorating Ideas

Howdy dear readers! Here in Cowtown, it is one of my favorite times of the year. It's Rodeo season! Of course, the old-timers call it the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo, but everyone calls it fun! It is a social event here and even those who don't have a fondness for cowboy culture find themselves wearing more turquoise jewelry than normal, dusting off their boots from the back of the closet (It's a "Texas" thing. We all have a pair of boots somewhere.) and looking forward to spending time in a dusty, rodeo arena "whoopin' and hollerin" for a cute cowboy in a tight pair of Wranglers and some chaps. So, who's ready to rodeo?

I think I may have mentioned once or twice (wink! wink!) the Birthday Boots that Mr. Pearl surprised me with. Well... they are here! The UPS man delivered them today! I am so excited, as Rocketbuster Boots did an amazing job. They are just what I wanted and so comfortable! I am looking forward to sporting them at the rodeo! I sported them to Central Market this afternoon for a trial run. Love them! If you ever want a pair of custom boots, call Nevena at Rocketbuster in El Paso or check her out here.

The two birds and heart are for me and the Mr.

There are three birds on the top for the minis.

My initials are on the toes!

I thought that this would be a good time to show those that share my fondness for cowboy culture, a way to incorporate it into your home without looking like the set from a Roy Rogers movie. As I mentioned previously, most of us Texans have boots and a lot of us had boots when we were knee high to a grasshopper. There is just nothing cuter than little, biddy boots. (except the little biddy whippersnapper wearing them!) I have these little boots on a shelf in our family room. I have several pairs that were Mr. Pearl's and the rest were my minis. (Can you guess who wore the pink ones?) In a large group, they are a little much for some, but one pair in a bookcase, or used as bookends or a tiny pair under a glass cloche make a darling, sentimental display. Ok, I may have totally lost a lot of you. If boots aren't your thing, little shoes are cute, too. I have also incorporated a pair of vintage, silver-plated toy gun holsters into my decor. I use them as a little vase in which I tucked some dried flowers. Of course, we never have a shortage of John Deere tractor toys and old hats that I have displayed here and there. Western isn't for everyone, but we all have those odd things stashed in a closet that are sentimental and help to tell "our story." Get those out of hiding and put them out to enjoy! Chances are if you love them, others will, too.

Kawliga, our cigar indian stands guard over the kids play area of the family room.

I had him made for Mr. Pearl's college graduation.

Happy trails,


Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday - Duran Duran Confessions

Duran Duran today - the look, well, old! (sorry guys!)

Did I really find this attractive?

Yes, yes I did! John Taylor - my boyfriend!

The hat!!!! The long, highlighted bangs! The eyeliner! Does anyone miss the 80's?

Yes, I had this one over my bed, too.

Best "Rolling Stone" cover ever - still have it. It is the only issue of this mag that I have ever purchased.
Love the shoulder pads!

Oh! Another classic - the outfits from the "Rio" video!

This poster hung over my bed in junior high.
Ahhh! The white suits, the fedora - love!

Ok, I'm coming clean. I was a MAJOR Duranie in my "day." I loved Duran Duran. I wanted to be John Taylor's girlfriend. I wore men's hats around as fashion. I thought that these men looked "sexy" wearing more make-up than I did. I have two ginormous scrapbooks filled with Duran Duran mementos (yes, I still have them.) I have dragged Mr. Pearl to one of their concerts. I really want to see them when they come to town in a couple of weeks. (It is during the Super Bowl though, and we have been told to stay away from the area, as it will be packed with crazy football fans. Crazy football fans and Duran Duran? I don't get it.) I still think that "Save A Prayer" is the best music video ever and I have a visit to Sri Lanka on my bucket list, as that is where the video was filmed. I have seen the Jane Fonda movie, "Barbarella" as that is where Duran Duran got their name. I am glad that Andy Taylor isn't with the band anymore. He never quite "fit." I know in my heart that John Taylor waved to US at Reunion Arena on the Seven and the Ragged Tiger Tour. (No one will ever say otherwise, right Jules and Jenny?) I may still be a bit of a Duranie. I have a Duran Duran t-shirt in my closet. I may have put Duran songs on the minis ipods. I love to hear them sing "Hungry Like the Wolf." My mom hates "Hungry Like the Wolf" as whenever I blared it on my jam box in my room, she thought I was whining/yelling "mom" when the girl makes the noises at the end of the song. The minis think that is funny. Duran Duran dropped a new album in December. It's actually ok. I still like the old stuff better.


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