Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have lovingly christened the home the "White Pizza Hut"
as it looks like one of those restaurants of old. No windows, no landscaping, no character...
I LOVE it!

It's official. The Pearl family is moving to new digs! We have led a somewhat nomadic life over the last three years, as this will be our fourth home in that time. This is SO out-of-character for us! We have been trying to be obedient to what we felt our calling was, and a lot of curve balls have been thrown our way! I am proud to say that we have weathered the storm and are moving the twenty miles back to the city we call "home." The minis have continued to stay in school there and our lives are centered there, so we are happy to be going back. I will say though that we have enjoyed our current home and living around the corner from my parents. Change is good. Right? I just pray that this is the end of it for a while.

Anywho... the big news is that I have a new project! The new digs are not so new and in dire need of an overhaul! Woohoo! A remodel! I am so excited! Mr. Pearl and I completely remodeled our first home, a 1924 Tudor. Our second home was a wonderful, old-world style Tudor that was new construction, so I welcome the project. What is it? A 1964 Ranch! Not so exciting, you say. Well, it isn't a charming, vintage Tudor, but it is on a cul-de-sac, next to some wonderful neighbors, in a fabulous neighborhood and I can make it just what I want and what our family needs. So, I will be keeping you all with me on this journey.
I am still working with the architect and getting the plans hammered-out and daydreaming about paint colors, cabinet pulls and marble! I hope you will join me. This should be fun! We are staying put in our current home and won't actually move until we have completed construction, so the fun begins!
Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. CONGRATS! This is wonderful news! We'll all be glad to have you back - not that you really ever left!