Monday, January 3, 2011

How Bout Them Frogs

Go frogs!

celebrating the victory!

Horned Frogs and fraternity brothers

future frogs and fraternity brothers? (Lord help us!)

This post will not mean a thing to the "non Horned Frog" fans out there, but I must post it! You see my Alma mater, Texas Christian University, won the "Grandaddy" of the bowls, the Rose Bowl! It was an awesome game and means so much to the Horned Frog Nation. You see, TCU was a football powerhouse in the 30's and 40's and has had some good years in between then and now, but most everyone today, if you have heard of TCU at all, remembers the Frogs as one of the whipping-posts from the old Southwest Conference. A lot has changed! Coach Patterson has put the football program and our small (9000 strong), private university back on the map!

We watched the game at the home of some fellow frogs and had a wonderful evening. Many of our friends were in Pasadena! We were a little sad we weren't there in person to witness history, but it didn't dampen our excitement! Thank you for indulging in my school spirit! I have a bunch of exciting things in store to blog about, so stay tuned...

The mini-pearls are back in school today and I'm putting all my ducks in a row. I wish you luck if you are doing the same!

Happy Monday!


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