Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday - 70's Party

Loving this! Where can I get the clothes?

It's Friday people! For a short week, this one has been a long one! I guess "short week" doesn't really apply to moms who had their children home for an extra day! I have decided to start planning out costumes for a fortieth birthday/70's disco party that me and Mr. Pearl have been invited to in a few short weeks. Oh, decisions, decisions! Do I go for that "disco diva" jumpsuit vibe or a little more of a "country club" diva sort of thing. I don't want some day-glo costumey thing, I want the REAL thing baby! My research led me to the following pictures and some sore abs from laughing so hard. Are you kidding me? These are real ads from clothing catalogues. Oh my. I am glad the seventies are over. Although, I do sort of dig matching bell bottoms. What do you think?
Me and Mr. P would be adorable in one of these! It's that Mork/meets sporty Flash Gordon/roller skater look.
Ok, this is that "country club" diva look - too cool. LOVE the glasses!

This one and the one below, well, words don't do them justice.

This is the "disco diva" look - I wore a red jumpsuit, similar to this, to a disco party in college.

If only I had saved it!

I would pay money to see Mr. Pearl in this! How bout it?

I found all these pictures at Check it out for a laugh! I will keep you all posted on the costume search! Happy weekend!

Do a little dance, make a little love

Get down tonight!


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