Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday - Duran Duran Confessions

Duran Duran today - the look, well, old! (sorry guys!)

Did I really find this attractive?

Yes, yes I did! John Taylor - my boyfriend!

The hat!!!! The long, highlighted bangs! The eyeliner! Does anyone miss the 80's?

Yes, I had this one over my bed, too.

Best "Rolling Stone" cover ever - still have it. It is the only issue of this mag that I have ever purchased.
Love the shoulder pads!

Oh! Another classic - the outfits from the "Rio" video!

This poster hung over my bed in junior high.
Ahhh! The white suits, the fedora - love!

Ok, I'm coming clean. I was a MAJOR Duranie in my "day." I loved Duran Duran. I wanted to be John Taylor's girlfriend. I wore men's hats around as fashion. I thought that these men looked "sexy" wearing more make-up than I did. I have two ginormous scrapbooks filled with Duran Duran mementos (yes, I still have them.) I have dragged Mr. Pearl to one of their concerts. I really want to see them when they come to town in a couple of weeks. (It is during the Super Bowl though, and we have been told to stay away from the area, as it will be packed with crazy football fans. Crazy football fans and Duran Duran? I don't get it.) I still think that "Save A Prayer" is the best music video ever and I have a visit to Sri Lanka on my bucket list, as that is where the video was filmed. I have seen the Jane Fonda movie, "Barbarella" as that is where Duran Duran got their name. I am glad that Andy Taylor isn't with the band anymore. He never quite "fit." I know in my heart that John Taylor waved to US at Reunion Arena on the Seven and the Ragged Tiger Tour. (No one will ever say otherwise, right Jules and Jenny?) I may still be a bit of a Duranie. I have a Duran Duran t-shirt in my closet. I may have put Duran songs on the minis ipods. I love to hear them sing "Hungry Like the Wolf." My mom hates "Hungry Like the Wolf" as whenever I blared it on my jam box in my room, she thought I was whining/yelling "mom" when the girl makes the noises at the end of the song. The minis think that is funny. Duran Duran dropped a new album in December. It's actually ok. I still like the old stuff better.


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  2. There's just no 2nd 'Rio' or '7 & The Ragged Tiger', I agree.
    But I love this album, after the 2 albums before this one.
    And I LOVE the video for AYNIN!