Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Cocktails - Fish Camp Glam

I guess I have fishing on the brain, as it has occupied a great deal of my summer plans. I have collected quite a few of these minnow buckets and use them as decor in Fisherman's room and even a light. When I ran across this pic, I couldn't help but chuckle at how this set-up would "glam-up" fish camp. I will definitely bring all the provisions on our next trip or maybe just use it for cocktails this weekend!



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Monday, July 29, 2013

Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream

Sweet Pea in Telluride

I have heard the Reverend Mother from the Sound of Music singing this song in my head as the soundtrack of my summer. Does anyone else do that? Play a constant soundtrack of your life in your head? Well, I have never claimed to be normal. This summer was supposed to be one that we would lay-low and stay close to home. Boy was that ever a wrong assumption! 
I got out of my comfort zone and had some great adventures with the mini-pearls and Mr. P. My comfort zone that consists of carefully planning vacations and mapping-out our calendar to a "t." So, accepting an invitation to leave town for a week with all three kiddos with less than twenty-four hours to prepare - way out of that zone! But, I did it and had a marvelous time with a precious friend and her boys in the mountains.

Me and the Mini-pearls overlooking Ralph Lauren's ranch

The whole gang!

Sport started a rock collection on the trip

Fisherman and his fly rod

Mr. P and I sent Sweet Pea and Sporty to two different camps for two weeks each. Two different camps, on two different schedules, with only one week of overlapping time. That is two drop-offs and two pick-ups - a logistical nightmare. However, Baby Girl wanted horses and SCUBA lessons at camp this summer. These were not available at the camp she previously attended with Sport. The things we do for our children. What about Fisherman, you ask? In spite of the fact that he is our "outdoorsman" and one would think that camp would be heaven for him, it is not. The boy has given it the old college try, more than once, at some of the best camps in Texas and well, camp just isn't for him. Therefore, a fishing trip was in order.

Sweet Pea and her camp buddy

For anyone who says that Texas isn't beautiful, this is a picture of the river valley where Sport is in camp. Sweet Pea's was just over the hills in the distance....beautiful!

Dropping Sport off at camp

Mr. P decided to take Fisherman bay fishing on the coast. I was invited to tag along on the boys' trip. Here again, I left my comfort zone to stay in a fish camp cabin with two of my boys. I ate barbecue and cheese and peanut butter crackers, got up before dawn and yes ladies, I held my own! I out-fished the boys the first day (my son was not pleased). I stayed in a place where the only food was fried and the nearest vegetable was the wilted lettuce garnish on my fish plate. I caught a shark and I held it and had the opportunity of a lifetime to make memories with my oldest son and husband.

The Boys' Fishing Trip

Mr. P and I did sneak in a quick trip away for a few days and now, here we are. It's the end of July and school starts in two short weeks! Football and homework and carpools - oh my! Sporty is still at camp this week, so I have my two oldest at home. What a summer!

Enjoy these last few says of summertime and step out of your comfort zone!


Monday, July 22, 2013

It's A BOY!

After much anticipation, the world has a royal baby boy to celebrate! I hung my Union Jack on the front door and am celebrating with a spot of tea. Now we can all anxiously await the naming of this little lad! This has been a crazy summer, and I will catch you up when I can. In the meantime, Cheers!



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

My baby girl turns twelve today!
Happy Birthday to my smart, beautiful, compassionate, determined, athletic, creative daughter.
We love you and the joy you bring to our lives each day. May this next year be the best one ever!

We love you!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Every Heart Beats True

for the red, white and blue!
Happy Fourth of July week everyone! I love this holiday. We plan on attending our neighborhood parade, swimming with friends and then off to another family of precious friends and their annual dinner and fireworks extravaganza! We have been blessed with temperatures in the 80's this week and no humidity. (That is unheard of here in July) So, being outside is actually pleasant and adds to the fun of the week. I hope you will be celebrating with those you love!

Here is some red, white and blue inspiration.


 This is my own dining room table!

Happy Birthday America!