Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday - 1960's Baby!

Jackie - the queen of Camelot

I have said this before, but I'll say it again - I live in the wrong era. I belong in a girdle, bullet bra, a cinched waist and a simpler time. I love the Rat Pack, Doris Day and sweater sets. What can I say? Obviously, I'm not the only one to feel a longing for the time of Camelot, as The Help and television shows like Madmen and Pan Am glamorize this time and I can teevo them for my guilty pleasure. Ok, maybe I wouldn't really want to live in a time without teevo or microwaves, but let's not get technical. Political turmoils aside, the late fifties and early sixties were a great time for fashion and the movies and it wouldn't hurt any of us to live a simpler, less hectic life. A time when kids didn't have the world wide media at their finger tips and most homes only had one television, if any. A time when families ate dinner around the table together and stores were closed on Sundays. A time when people actually dressed to go out dinner and that was a special treat, not an every day occurrence. Yes, it might not be so bad. Today though, let me indulge you in a little fashion trip back to the sixties...

Yeah baby!


A dress for a luncheon

pretty in pink

This makes me want to twirl and sip a martini

Doris! - love her!

Lilly P! - an original
Oh so glam!

Winter glam

Beach glam

I am off to Round Top, so I will have lot's of goodies to share next week!
Wishing you a glamorous weekend!


photos via: Pinterest

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Don't Mind A Toile

Light and traditional toile

soft and blue

classic black and cream

Charlotte Moss - traditional toile

Charles Faudree - over-the-top traditional toile

love this dining room - rustic toile

preppy and bold toile

Celerie Kembal - traditional with a twist

modern and bold - this color combo is fabulous

hot pink and chocolate brown - not stuffy at "toile"

Designer's Guild - fresh and modern

bold - toile, stripes - classic and cool

Call me old fashioned. Call me stuffy, but I love toile. The French have given us many wonderful things, but I rank this lovely, pastorally inspired fabric up there with eclairs and the Eiffel tower. I love the versatility of toile. It can be over-the-top traditional and it can be bold and modern. I'll take it any way, preferably with some pink! The scenes often depicted on the fabric make me think of the chalk drawings that Burt drew in Mary Poppins. I can just picture a fair down the lane and over the hill or a quaint little farm with singing animals and a few dancing penguins. Toile is just so happy - a little vacation that you can decorate with!

Here's to a jolly holiday,


Monday, September 26, 2011

Puppy Love

This space is so much fun! I love the mix of new and vintage. The industrial lighting and the large globe are fabulous, but my favorite part of this room? The puppy picture! I wonder if my crazy mutts would look that precious in a large painting on the wall. I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because I feel better knowing that I am not the only one that loves their dogs. Here's to a tail waggin', happy kind of a Monday!


photo via: House Beautiful

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday - Yo-Yo's

I so had these shoes and I loved them! Anyone else?
Have a wonderful weekend.


photo via: Pinterest

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Cozy

A cold front arrived last night. Here in the great state of Texas, that means that today's high is going to be 80' instead of 95' and fashionistas will be donning their boots and fall wardrobes. Seriously, if the temp falls below 90', it's fall. I was in J.Crew yesterday, and a gal that just moved here from Michigan (bless her heart) was lamenting that she will never get to wear any of the lovely blazers and sweaters that were on display at the store. She couldn't believe that she actually saw a girl wearing Uggs the other day when the temp fell to a coolish 78'. The sales associate assured her that it will get cooler (she was good). I had to laugh and of course, I butted-in on the conversation and told her that we actually had snow once or twice last winter. I got the laugh then! Well, whatever Fall looks like to you, enjoy it!

I love these rooms. They are curl-up cozy to me and just say "Fall". So, have a good one!

Happy Fall,


I want to add a special shout-out to the most amazing woman in my life, my mom. Today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are! Love you!

photos via: House Beautiful

Monday, September 19, 2011

Color Me Happy

I love color. I don't think that I have hidden that fact. I mean, I do love and appreciate the white and greige craze that is design right now, but at the end of the day, give me a bright color and a bold, clean pattern and I am a happy camper.
Last week, I was having a conversation with a client. We just had her master bedroom painted a gorgeous robin's egg blue green (Sherwin Williams Halcyon days 50%) and she was lamenting over the fact that several, well-meaning friends with beautiful homes had implied she was making a terrible mistake. They felt that a white wall was the way to go. Really? This friend and client has a wonderful home that is full of color. White? No way! Color is not "out", in fact it is "in" in a big way. No, bold and bright isn't for everyone, but aren't we lucky that there really isn't a wrong answer? So, let's all get all along.
I love the way that Anna Spiro of Black and Spiro in Australia does color like no one else! I absolutely adore her work. I don't know how she makes it work, but every room is a riot of color and fun. So, enjoy and have a colorful, happy Monday!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday - It's Back!

I must admit that I am more than excited by the return of so much 80's style. The Footloose remake (I may or may not have worn a Kevin Bacon button on my shredded denim jacket to watch the movie at least fifty times), Dirty Dancing remake, neon colors, friendship bracelets... Yes, those were the days. I'm just not sure they should be revisited. The remakes won't be as good as the originals and well, as for the style, my mother always says if you wore it the first time around, you have no business wearing it the second time. She is right you know. Darn her. I think that a Units jumpsuit would work into my wardrobe nicely. For now, I will be happy to stroll down memory lane. Remember these babies.....

Mom and I made them in every color possible.



photo via: Pinterest

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, so lovely

I just love this dining room. The rough walls, the industrial chairs, the sparkly chandelier - lovely.

Wishing you an oh, so lovely day,


Monday, September 12, 2011

Were you raised in a barn?

This picture is the inspiration for my new family room.

My children will be able to answer that question with a "Yes!". Well, sort of. I love the idea of using sliding barn doors inside a home. They bring a little quirky, country, industrial fun to the spaces that they grace. So, in our new family room, we are going to have barn sliders on two of the doors and I am so excited! The mini-pearls have asked me to make our new house "fun" and I think this fills that requirement. I realize that there are those that know me and my family that might feel that there are no "barn sliders" necessary; our house is already a barn or a zoo - take your pick. Just keep it to yourselves. As they say, "if the shoe fits". Yes, this one is quite comfortable.



photos via:, Feldman Architecture,, Traditional Home

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Make Mine Pink

It's no secret, I love pink! It is much more versatile than most people think. Pink can be soft and feminine and it can be bold and strong. Mush like the female persona it so often represents. Did you know that pink was actually used by Victorians to represent "boys" because it was the stronger color when compared to light blue? I don't know when that changed but someone smart figured-out which gender deserved the stronger color. I'm just sayin'...

Make mine pink,


photos via: Country Living