Monday, September 12, 2011

Were you raised in a barn?

This picture is the inspiration for my new family room.

My children will be able to answer that question with a "Yes!". Well, sort of. I love the idea of using sliding barn doors inside a home. They bring a little quirky, country, industrial fun to the spaces that they grace. So, in our new family room, we are going to have barn sliders on two of the doors and I am so excited! The mini-pearls have asked me to make our new house "fun" and I think this fills that requirement. I realize that there are those that know me and my family that might feel that there are no "barn sliders" necessary; our house is already a barn or a zoo - take your pick. Just keep it to yourselves. As they say, "if the shoe fits". Yes, this one is quite comfortable.



photos via:, Feldman Architecture,, Traditional Home

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  1. ok - the doors and the purple shag carpet! you are a FUN mom! (and friend)