Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Don't Mind A Toile

Light and traditional toile

soft and blue

classic black and cream

Charlotte Moss - traditional toile

Charles Faudree - over-the-top traditional toile

love this dining room - rustic toile

preppy and bold toile

Celerie Kembal - traditional with a twist

modern and bold - this color combo is fabulous

hot pink and chocolate brown - not stuffy at "toile"

Designer's Guild - fresh and modern

bold - toile, stripes - classic and cool

Call me old fashioned. Call me stuffy, but I love toile. The French have given us many wonderful things, but I rank this lovely, pastorally inspired fabric up there with eclairs and the Eiffel tower. I love the versatility of toile. It can be over-the-top traditional and it can be bold and modern. I'll take it any way, preferably with some pink! The scenes often depicted on the fabric make me think of the chalk drawings that Burt drew in Mary Poppins. I can just picture a fair down the lane and over the hill or a quaint little farm with singing animals and a few dancing penguins. Toile is just so happy - a little vacation that you can decorate with!

Here's to a jolly holiday,


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  1. I love toile too! It's so comfortable to me. I love it on dishes too!