Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday - 1960's Baby!

Jackie - the queen of Camelot

I have said this before, but I'll say it again - I live in the wrong era. I belong in a girdle, bullet bra, a cinched waist and a simpler time. I love the Rat Pack, Doris Day and sweater sets. What can I say? Obviously, I'm not the only one to feel a longing for the time of Camelot, as The Help and television shows like Madmen and Pan Am glamorize this time and I can teevo them for my guilty pleasure. Ok, maybe I wouldn't really want to live in a time without teevo or microwaves, but let's not get technical. Political turmoils aside, the late fifties and early sixties were a great time for fashion and the movies and it wouldn't hurt any of us to live a simpler, less hectic life. A time when kids didn't have the world wide media at their finger tips and most homes only had one television, if any. A time when families ate dinner around the table together and stores were closed on Sundays. A time when people actually dressed to go out dinner and that was a special treat, not an every day occurrence. Yes, it might not be so bad. Today though, let me indulge you in a little fashion trip back to the sixties...

Yeah baby!


A dress for a luncheon

pretty in pink

This makes me want to twirl and sip a martini

Doris! - love her!

Lilly P! - an original
Oh so glam!

Winter glam

Beach glam

I am off to Round Top, so I will have lot's of goodies to share next week!
Wishing you a glamorous weekend!


photos via: Pinterest

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