Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer On My Mind

The school year ends a week from Friday. I am ready. I need Summer vacation. I need to not have a schedule (although that may not be possible). I need warm sunshine, trips to the pool, the smell of Hawaiian Tropic, snow cones and late nights under the stars. I took up the cow hide rugs in my family room this weekend. I already feel more summery. Sweet Pea even commented on the difference in the way the room feels. I put out some of my collection of shells around the house and the front porch. A little bit of the beach always feels like summer. Bring it on!

Are you ready for Summer?


all photos via Pinterest

Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Broken and Mother's Day

Hello dear ones! I hope a lovely weekend was had by all, specially the moms out there. I know mine was davoon. Before I show you a pic or two, I want to catch you up on Sweet Pea's football finger. Yes, it is broken. This makes broken finger number three for baby girl. Don't for a minute think that this discouraged her. Oh no! She was back at practice and has no retirement plans in the works. I guess I better start looking for, what were her words, "cute and colorful" football cleats. Oxymoron. Okeedokee. I would show you a pic of my warrior child, but alas, she has forbidden me to show any pictures of her on any of my social media outlets. I am sneaking one in, but only because her brothers and myself are in it! I would welcome any and all input into how to convince her that volleyball is the better pick for next fall's sport choice. She says though that she will only play one be continued.

My biggest blessings - you can see the famous pinky finger - 
Fisherman would like you all to notice that he is taller than me and I am wearing three inch heels.

Back to Mother's Day. It was loverly. My hubby thought of everything: my favorite finger sandwiches from a local luncheon place, cupcakes from a fabulous bakery, chilled Proseco and bountiful carbs to devour, flowers and my precious family in our home. Perfection! Thank you Mr. P! I am so blessed to be the wife of a wonderful man and mom to three amazing young people! 

 The table ready for guests

 Just a small sample of the goodies we munched on!

 My Mommom - the Birdie in Birdie Pearl

 My precious mom - Mumsie!

Flowers from my Daddy. These touched my heart, as my dad is not the "gift-giving" type. He brought these "lellow" (how I said "yellow" as a child) for me.

May the love continue all week and any sweets you ate this weekend not effect the way you look in a swimsuit!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Got This

I will keep repeating that to myself until it becomes reality. So, I know we are all busy and I know that I am no exception, but just when I think that "I got this," I reminded that I do not. This is the time to hit my knees in prayer. We have another crazy May week this week and yet, I am home today with one sick child (his mean mommy told him it was just allergies and to "suck it up", only to look closer and find that he does indeed have a fever) and another child, darling daughter, awaiting a trip to the doctor to x-ray her pinky finger. If it is broken, this makes broken finger number three for Sweet Pea. This was  NOT on the calendar for today - not even close!

I am thankful for my full life. We have had so much to celebrate and be thankful for and yet, there are set backs. Life is not happy sunshine 24/7, but wouldn't it be wonderful if it was? Even for say, a week or two during the craziest month of our year? I won't go into great detail about the rest of our challenges, we all have them and they hurt, but I think the hurt makes the happy that much better. LAst night, we celebrated Fisherman's new school at a school-wide picnic. We found out that some dear friends we haven't seen in a while will be at the school next year with Fisherman. Blessings abound!

I will wrap this up, as I have to take Sweet Pea to the doctor, but I want to fill you all in on my daughter, and give you some unsolicited parenting advice. From the time Sweet Pea was in preschool, she has been asking to play football. Let me insert here that she is indeed a bow wearing, card carrying, girly girl who is tough as nails and out to prove it. Girl power! Anyhoo, girlfriend asked and asked to play football and I answered with "Oh no sweetie, how about ballet?" or "Wouldn't you rather play volleyball"(which she does, pretty well, I might add) Fast forward six years and our school is adding six man football to the sports next fall for seventh and eighth graders. Again, she asks to play football. However, instead of waiting for me and Mr. P's answer, girlfriend goes to the coach and asks him to play and apparently was convincing. Guess who was the only girl to start spring training with the team?  The coach planned on working her hard, thinking she would get discouraged and go back to volleyball. It didn't work. She is more fired-up than ever! It also doesn't help that she is better than most of the young men on the field. Really. She throws a mean spiral, catches like a guy and thinks getting hit is fun. Should I worry? I have been praying that God would be in control of this situation. If she is ever going to play, this is the time, as high school would be far too dangerous. All of this leads to yesterday at recess. She was playing football with her girlfriends and one of them threw a "wonky" pass and she caught it wrong and now her pinky is three times normal size and blue. Not good. Answer to prayer? Or just proof that you shouldn't play football with girls? I will found out in an hour or two. My unsolicited parenting advice? ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER TO PLAY FOOTBALL, FLAG FOOTBALL, when she is little and get it out of her system if she thinks she wants to play. It is much safer and a lot less of a headache!

Amen! Pass the Tylenol.

Have a great day!


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Monday, May 6, 2013

Texas History

I spent last week chaperoning fifteen seventh graders on our school's Texas History trip. Do I have a child in the seventh grade class? No. Do I teach texas History? No. Was I compensated to go on this trip? No. Why in the heck did I go? Good question! Just for the record: Fisherman is in the eighth grade and Sweet Pea is in sixth. The students in our school have the opportunity to go on overnight trips in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Parents of students in that class are not allowed on the trip, so my thinking was that I would pay forward someone having to chaperone my own children on these trips, by chaperoning theirs. And, I do teach preschool at the school, sub quite a bit and I therefore appear to be "available" a lot, so I was asked. I really did have a fun time. I am tired, but I learned a lot and had the opportunity to see what my own children will experience. It was fun!

I won't bore you with a dissertation on Texas History, although I would love to. I am a bit of a history buff and find it fascinating. Yes, I do realize that most people do not share my enthusiasm. However, you might enjoy the pictures. We toured the Alamo (site of the famous battle between General Santa Anna and the entire Mexican Army against two hundred brave souls defending Texas freedom. The Texans lost but ultimately won freedom at the battle of San Jacinto). We also toured two other missions in San Antonio. These churches are still active parishes and were built in the 1700's.

The Alamo and my charges

We then traveled to Austin and went to the capital building, state cemetery and museums. Our state senator, Wendy Davis, took time out of her schedule to meet with us on the capital steps. Thank you Ms. Davis!

We also packed in some swimming in record cold temps, time at Main Event and lots of junk food. Whoohoo! Oh to be a teen again!

Top of the rotunda of the Texas State Capital Building


I had to thrown in one last pic. The eighth grade travelled to Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi to tour the Civil War historic sites there. This is Fisherman's class. Don't they look like a handsome bunch on this veranda? Fisherman is standing, second from left.

I feel so blessed that my children are in a school with these opportunities. Thank you for letting me share!

Happy Monday!


Friday, May 3, 2013

In My Courtyard

When we moved into our home a year ago, we hated the "dingo, 1960's courtyard" and could not wait to tear it out. The decorative, cinder-block walls, the huge lava rock in the corner, the built-in gas grill, the enormous brain tree - it is a bit dated don't ya think? Well, flash forward one year and well, it has kind of grown on us. The space is cozy and comfy and we all enjoy spending time here.
Last spring, I planted a climbing rose bush. This was supposed to bloom from spring to fall. I planted the small bush, tenderly cared for it and waited and waited and waited. No blooms. The plant grew prolifically, but no blooms. I didn't give up though and my patience has been rewarded with beautiful blooms! The space still needs work, as most everything around here does, but I am going to share it anyway.

 Here is my French bottle rack, turned flower holder

 The "brain" tree - we still keep it trimmed to honor
all of the hard work of those that lived here before us

 The rose - tiny, delicate blooms

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blue Love

I have to be fair to my favorite color - blue. After my green post, I couldn't let these pictures just float around on my Pinterest boards without giving them their due. So, if the green didn't float your boat, perhaps these blue pics will make you swoon!