Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Broken and Mother's Day

Hello dear ones! I hope a lovely weekend was had by all, specially the moms out there. I know mine was davoon. Before I show you a pic or two, I want to catch you up on Sweet Pea's football finger. Yes, it is broken. This makes broken finger number three for baby girl. Don't for a minute think that this discouraged her. Oh no! She was back at practice and has no retirement plans in the works. I guess I better start looking for, what were her words, "cute and colorful" football cleats. Oxymoron. Okeedokee. I would show you a pic of my warrior child, but alas, she has forbidden me to show any pictures of her on any of my social media outlets. I am sneaking one in, but only because her brothers and myself are in it! I would welcome any and all input into how to convince her that volleyball is the better pick for next fall's sport choice. She says though that she will only play one be continued.

My biggest blessings - you can see the famous pinky finger - 
Fisherman would like you all to notice that he is taller than me and I am wearing three inch heels.

Back to Mother's Day. It was loverly. My hubby thought of everything: my favorite finger sandwiches from a local luncheon place, cupcakes from a fabulous bakery, chilled Proseco and bountiful carbs to devour, flowers and my precious family in our home. Perfection! Thank you Mr. P! I am so blessed to be the wife of a wonderful man and mom to three amazing young people! 

 The table ready for guests

 Just a small sample of the goodies we munched on!

 My Mommom - the Birdie in Birdie Pearl

 My precious mom - Mumsie!

Flowers from my Daddy. These touched my heart, as my dad is not the "gift-giving" type. He brought these "lellow" (how I said "yellow" as a child) for me.

May the love continue all week and any sweets you ate this weekend not effect the way you look in a swimsuit!


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