Monday, May 6, 2013

Texas History

I spent last week chaperoning fifteen seventh graders on our school's Texas History trip. Do I have a child in the seventh grade class? No. Do I teach texas History? No. Was I compensated to go on this trip? No. Why in the heck did I go? Good question! Just for the record: Fisherman is in the eighth grade and Sweet Pea is in sixth. The students in our school have the opportunity to go on overnight trips in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Parents of students in that class are not allowed on the trip, so my thinking was that I would pay forward someone having to chaperone my own children on these trips, by chaperoning theirs. And, I do teach preschool at the school, sub quite a bit and I therefore appear to be "available" a lot, so I was asked. I really did have a fun time. I am tired, but I learned a lot and had the opportunity to see what my own children will experience. It was fun!

I won't bore you with a dissertation on Texas History, although I would love to. I am a bit of a history buff and find it fascinating. Yes, I do realize that most people do not share my enthusiasm. However, you might enjoy the pictures. We toured the Alamo (site of the famous battle between General Santa Anna and the entire Mexican Army against two hundred brave souls defending Texas freedom. The Texans lost but ultimately won freedom at the battle of San Jacinto). We also toured two other missions in San Antonio. These churches are still active parishes and were built in the 1700's.

The Alamo and my charges

We then traveled to Austin and went to the capital building, state cemetery and museums. Our state senator, Wendy Davis, took time out of her schedule to meet with us on the capital steps. Thank you Ms. Davis!

We also packed in some swimming in record cold temps, time at Main Event and lots of junk food. Whoohoo! Oh to be a teen again!

Top of the rotunda of the Texas State Capital Building


I had to thrown in one last pic. The eighth grade travelled to Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi to tour the Civil War historic sites there. This is Fisherman's class. Don't they look like a handsome bunch on this veranda? Fisherman is standing, second from left.

I feel so blessed that my children are in a school with these opportunities. Thank you for letting me share!

Happy Monday!


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