Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Has Sprung and a Little T.M.I.

I'm baaaack! Wow. What a week this has been and one that I hope to NEVER relive. Sport's nasty, tummy virus was some sort of freak virulent strain and within twenty-four hours of his outbreak, all five of us were down for the count! Mr. Pearl has never missed a day of work due to illness in the twenty years that I have known him and this week, he missed two! My poor babies had to fend for themselves part of the time, as Mr. P and myself were too sick to help them. My sweet mom and grandmother saved the day with extra Lysol, Immodium and Gatorade and some delicious chicken and dumplings. I have spent the day cleaning out the house like they did at the end of the Velveteen Rabbit. I thought about burning everything in the backyard, but Mr. Pearl convinced me that bleach, hot water and lots of disinfectant would do. I sure hope so! I also purchased everyone brand new toothbrushes at Target today. I'm not taking any chances. People, this house is clean! (name that movie) Ok, that's all I have to day about that.

Sweet Pea and I decided to absorb some vitamin D this afternoon and took a walk around our neighborhood. Maybe it was seeing the world outside our home for the first time in three days and the absolute appreciation for life we now have, after surviving our near-death experience but the hood seemed more lovely than ever. I gave Sweet Pea the camera and let her take some pictures and I caught a few of her. We decided that God must be a fan of pink. Look at how beautiful a picture He makes with it! Enjoy!


Monday, March 28, 2011


This has truly been "one of those days." You know, the kind of day that you wish you could press rewind on or get back in bed and hide from? Yes, one of those days. Sport came down with a nasty, tummy virus early Sunday morning and was still suffering from the remnants of it today, so he had to stay home from school. Sorry for the T.M.I., but it helps with the sympathy. Then, Sweet Pea had the audacity to break my "only one sick child" at a time rule and come down with the world's nastiest, loudest, painful cough, fever and a sore throat. After a trip to the doctor, I thought she would be on the mend. Oh contraire monfraire. She has now caught the nasty, tummy virus. Lovely. Mr. P has his board meeting tonight, so he won't be home. Not that I need him home, I am perfectly capable. I just needed to vent. He never seems to be home when it's one of these days. My mom watched the sickies, so that I could pick Fisherman up from school and on the way home, a lady rear-ended me. She said she was having "one of those days." I think they might be contagious. Oh dear. We are safe and sound and tucked back in our home for a very quiet, early evening. I have a fresh can of Lysol handy and plenty of t.p., in case it's a long night. So, how was your Monday? What's new?

Sport was feeling good enough at times to strap on a "few" guns (I think there are four) and challenge me to a duel. I have no idea why he got out his fake credit cards, I think he thought they would be my weapon of choice. Have I ever said how smart my boy is?

This is Sweet Pea, hiding behind the box of tissues and not wanting her picture taken. She looked so sweet and pitiful with her swollen, little face and glassy eyes. Is that weird to think your children are cute when they are feeling so bad?

This picture has nothing to do with a sick day, except that I love my baby's feet. They are shaped like squares. They are squishy. His little piggies are chunky, little things and I love 'em!

I have a date to curl-up and watch some tv with this guy tonight. He loves it when Daddy works late. He gets to sit on the couch and put his head in my lap. That will be my only company for the evening, as Fisherman has barricaded himself in his room out of fear of catching the dreaded illnesses and my posting it on this blog. Oh well. I won't tell him any different. That way I can watch what I want to on tv and not the outdoor channel with him. Not that I don't like the outdoor channel. I'm just saying.

Sendin' some love your way,


Friday, March 25, 2011

Round Top

In case you were wondering, Round Top is in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The town sits on a little, country road, off of another little country road, off a medium sized country highway. The local landowners open their fields to the vendors and well, that is Round Top and the other little town, five miles down the road, Warrenton.

Howdy all! I had a fun day in the beautiful Texas countryside and I am tired but happy. This was the first time that I have been down to Round Top this early in the show. Yesterday, was the "opening day", aka set-up day for the fields. This early time frame meant no crowds and I got to visit with the vendors, as they were getting ready for the onslaught of junkers and antiquers that is next week. The downside, well, while I had my choice of everything, it was a little early for haggling too much over prices. I still was able to check most everything off my list and I had a wonderful time.

The bluebonnets were in bloom!

This darling little thing, Pearl, was helping her humans put the finishing touches on their booth.

Pearl's booth

Swedish antique heaven? No, just another day in Round Top.

This was my treasure from the above booth. This is a Swedish school poster from the 1950's. Why can't our school teaching aids look like this. I can't wait to frame this up!

I have been accused of having a morbid sense of wonder. This confirms it! This booth was full of Victorian glass, display boxes. Inside were artifacts that the Victorian's were so fond of - taxidermy animals, rocks, fossils, bones - you name it. I love it!

A fabulous, old screen door to be used in our new home. Stay tuned for it's place!

Fisherman has been in need of a new bedside table. Bingo! I dug around (literally) and found this metal cabinet. I got a great deal from the vendor for my trouble!

A beautiful, Texas sunset - the perfect ending for a perfect day in Round Top.

I must apologize for the lack of good pictures. I remembered my camera this time, but then failed to remember to pull it out and document the day. There is so much eye- candy at Round Top that I was just too caught-up in the moment! It is a great experience and I recommend that you go some time. I didn't get a picture of my favorite find of the day. The booth I found it in was adjacent to the Swedish booth above, but was full of French pieces. Ooh-la-la! The vendor's name was Laurent and I spent so much time keeping him talking, so I could hear his marvelous accent, that I totally forgot my camera. I did however, come home with the most beautiful tremeau mirror for the new house. It is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard, so I will have a big unveiling when it is installed. Trust me though, that was worth the entire trip!

Have a wonderful Spring weekend.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby Love

I ran across this darling nursery and wanted to share. Unfortunately my babies have outgrown all this sweetness, but I still love to look! I am off to Round Top today and I can't wait to tell you what I find.



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puttin' on the Pink

Today is a special day. Today I am attending Puttin' on the Pink. This is a luncheon to honor those who are courageously fighting the fight against breast cancer, remember those who have lost the fight and raise awareness and funding to move forward into the future and find a cure! This is a cause that is close to my heart and I wish it wasn't. My dear cousin, Paula, lost her fight with the disease a couple of years ago at thirty-nine. Paula fought fearlessly for six years against this disease. My cousin, Keri, is a survivor but it wasn't easy. I am now on my knees praying for my sweet friends, Amy, Alicia and Kay. These three women have been diagnosed within the last couple of months. They have strapped-on their pink, boxing gloves and are prepared to fight to the finish and good health!

Today I am "puttin' on my pink" and going to spend a lovely afternoon with some very special friends but I hope that my message isn't too sugar-coated... I encourage everyone to perform self-exams and get your mammograms! Support those around you and don't take their presence in your life for granted. I am praying for my dear friends and readers, too. You are all special.

Take care of yourselves and your ta-ta's!


Monday, March 21, 2011

What Would You Do - Royal Edition

Saturday morning, after Sport's soccer game, I was casually talking to his coach - aka Paul or Mr. P or husband of dear friend Allison and father of Alyssa and Paul - he had just flown-in from an extended business trip that included Germany, Austria, London and a quick stop on the way back home in Bermuda. Yea, poor guy. It really is work to him though. Anywho, he is going back again in a few short weeks and I asked him to bring me a souvenir from the Royal Wedding. Paul's reply was said with a laugh, "I was looking at coffee mugs with their picture on them at the airport and wondering who in the world would want such a thing." Ok, that would be me. He said he would get me something really stupid when he goes back. Please Lord, don't let it be Will and Kate toilet paper or something. I have a tiny, loving cup/shot glass with Lady Di and Prince Charles from their wedding. So, we will see what Paul comes up with.

I thought our conversation would end at this point, as the kids were jumping around the parking lot and everyone was trying to get to their cars, when Paul looks at me and says," Yea, they were on my flight to Bermuda." I said, "Um, Paul, they who?" Paul replies," Them. Will and Kate." "WHAT!!!!" I immediately go into crazy American, Royal enthusiast, borderline obsessive mode. OMG! I launch into twenty questions: how far away were you, did you talk to them, how did they act, were they nice, good-looking, OMG!!! Paul very calmly explained they sat three rows in front of him in business class and they were, well, normal. Yea right. So, Paul flew three rows behind the future king of England and his fiancee on a trans-Atlantic flight from London to Bermuda and said not so much as "Hi" to them. How could he? This is quite possibly the closest I will ever come to seeing a Royal and my representative flopped. Not so much as a "Hi" or a smile. Nada. Nothing.

So dear readers, I ask, "What would you do?" I mean, yes, they are "people" but if given the opportunity, really, what would you do? I would have to say something. A simple "Hello. Congratulations" or "Best wishes" to Kate. Or perhaps, "Hi! I am totally your biggest fan! I watched your mum and dad's wedding on TV and I cannot wait to watch yours!" Too much? Oh well. Paul will regret this someday. I will make sure of it! Meanwhile, I am going to try and find out why Will and Kate are in Bermuda. A pre-wedding getaway? Official business? Have a great Monday!

Crazed American fan,


Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday- Hog Wild Spring Break 2011

Spring Break 2011 is finally coming to a close - thank the Lord! We had a "staycation" around here, and now that it is said and done, I am happy that we did. Sweet Pea and I spent some quality girl time together. We rode roller coasters at Six Flags, got our nails done, went shopping and enjoyed the quiet that not having brothers around afforded us. My boys spent most of the week in the country with my mother-in-law. They were in boy/hog heaven! Their days there consist of fishing, riding around in the "off-road vehicles" (I never get the names right, so this will save me some ridicule), feeding the cows, shooting various firearms and just being boys in the country. This is where I start to sound like a hick from the sticks... my boys went hog hunting while on their Spring Break getaway to grandma's. Yes, hog hunting. This may sound cruel, strange and even illegal to some of you, but I assure you, it isn't. You see, Texas is overrun with feral hogs and they are destroying all they come in contact with. The hogs have no natural predators and a sow can have three litters of fifteen or so piglets every fourteen months. Do the math people. That's a lot of hogs. Needless to say, there is no law against killing these creatures. My mother-in-law hooked the boys up with a guide that had a rigged-up "off-road vehicle" and some hog sniffing dogs. They drove around until the dogs caught wind of a hog and then the dogs, equipped with GPS collars, track the dogs for the humans. The humans then reach the hog and well, you know the rest. Fisherman and Sport were so proud. I had to post their pictures. How could I not? Next year, I think we will go skiing again. After hog hunting, I don't want to know what is next!
Next week is Round Top week and I am excited! Are any of you headed that way?

Note: No dogs were harmed during this undertaking. Notice the Kevlar vest on the dog in the above pic. This protects him from being hurt. Just thought I'd let ya know. In case you were wondering!

Sweet Pea update: I couldn't post on the boys and not comment on Sweet Pea. She had her school play last week, right before the break. The performance was titled Malice in the Palace and told the story of Esther. Well, the kid-friendly version anyway. Sweet Pea played a "beauty candidate" and acted, sang and danced like a star. She was in her element and it showed! Here are a few highlights. She was in the lavender boa, holding the mic.



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 'O The Morning To You!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have never really understood why the day honoring the patron saint of Ireland is such a big deal, but it's fun to walk around pinching people and talking like the Lucky Charms leprechaun for a day. So, to honor the small part of me that is Irish, I thought I would post on things fun, green and Irish.

This isn't Irish but it's green and so lovely.

My bonnie lies over the ocean. My bonnie lies over the sea.

Irish linen

Irish Wolfhounds - my FAVORITE kind of dog, but at 180 pounds, not the most practical pet.

U2 - enough said.

Colin Farrell

Luck 'o the Irish to you!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Tour - Janet and Scott

We finally made it over to see our dear friends, Janet and Scott, and see how their home remodel turned out. It is fabulous! Mr. Pearl and I met Janet and Scott in college and well, the rest is history. They have three precious boys and are like family to us. They purchased an average home in a wonderful neighborhood and made that average home the "belle of the block." The home is clean and fresh and I did not want to leave!

We enjoyed some good wine, wonderful conversation and the gloriously warm, spring evening. While preparing for all of this wonderfulness, I neglected to throw my camera in the car. The result are these not so great pictures, but I think you all can still enjoy their home. Thanks for your hospitality Janet and Scott. Your home is spectacular!

The entry - my phone does not do this wonderful geometric wallpaper justice. It is to die for and really sets the tone for the entire home.

Off of the entry, the dining room and living room open-up into a large room. The ceiling treatments and chandeliers differentiate the two spaces within and make each one intimate and inviting. The walls are the most amazing white - not at all yellow but a warm grey tone. Janet is supposed to let me know what this wonderful paint is. Love the capiz shell chandelier!

Janet kept apologizing that the "decorating" wasn't finished. Looks great to me! Can't wait to see how she adds more layers.

Fabulous breakfast area built-in.

Don't be surprised if you see this look again - perhaps in my home. (imitation is the best form of flattery) Love the honed marble on the island, soapstone on the perimeter counters and that range! Janet and Scott are foodies, so I am anticipating all of the goodies to come from that puppy!

More kitchen love - the ikat roman shades

Sweet Pea joined me and Janet on the home tour. Here we are in the master bath.

rain shower anyone? - this is Mr. Pearl's number one request in our new home.

I had to show you this wonderful tile in the master shower.