Monday, March 28, 2011


This has truly been "one of those days." You know, the kind of day that you wish you could press rewind on or get back in bed and hide from? Yes, one of those days. Sport came down with a nasty, tummy virus early Sunday morning and was still suffering from the remnants of it today, so he had to stay home from school. Sorry for the T.M.I., but it helps with the sympathy. Then, Sweet Pea had the audacity to break my "only one sick child" at a time rule and come down with the world's nastiest, loudest, painful cough, fever and a sore throat. After a trip to the doctor, I thought she would be on the mend. Oh contraire monfraire. She has now caught the nasty, tummy virus. Lovely. Mr. P has his board meeting tonight, so he won't be home. Not that I need him home, I am perfectly capable. I just needed to vent. He never seems to be home when it's one of these days. My mom watched the sickies, so that I could pick Fisherman up from school and on the way home, a lady rear-ended me. She said she was having "one of those days." I think they might be contagious. Oh dear. We are safe and sound and tucked back in our home for a very quiet, early evening. I have a fresh can of Lysol handy and plenty of t.p., in case it's a long night. So, how was your Monday? What's new?

Sport was feeling good enough at times to strap on a "few" guns (I think there are four) and challenge me to a duel. I have no idea why he got out his fake credit cards, I think he thought they would be my weapon of choice. Have I ever said how smart my boy is?

This is Sweet Pea, hiding behind the box of tissues and not wanting her picture taken. She looked so sweet and pitiful with her swollen, little face and glassy eyes. Is that weird to think your children are cute when they are feeling so bad?

This picture has nothing to do with a sick day, except that I love my baby's feet. They are shaped like squares. They are squishy. His little piggies are chunky, little things and I love 'em!

I have a date to curl-up and watch some tv with this guy tonight. He loves it when Daddy works late. He gets to sit on the couch and put his head in my lap. That will be my only company for the evening, as Fisherman has barricaded himself in his room out of fear of catching the dreaded illnesses and my posting it on this blog. Oh well. I won't tell him any different. That way I can watch what I want to on tv and not the outdoor channel with him. Not that I don't like the outdoor channel. I'm just saying.

Sendin' some love your way,



  1. Hugs and kisses! After all tomorrow is another day!

  2. Oh! Bless your hearts! I hate that. And why is it that the men are NEVER around to help out with this stuff? I know I'm fully capable of taking care of it, as are you, but it sure would be easier if we had help. Hope you at least enjoyed your tv solitude. I enjoy those evenings too.