Friday, March 25, 2011

Round Top

In case you were wondering, Round Top is in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The town sits on a little, country road, off of another little country road, off a medium sized country highway. The local landowners open their fields to the vendors and well, that is Round Top and the other little town, five miles down the road, Warrenton.

Howdy all! I had a fun day in the beautiful Texas countryside and I am tired but happy. This was the first time that I have been down to Round Top this early in the show. Yesterday, was the "opening day", aka set-up day for the fields. This early time frame meant no crowds and I got to visit with the vendors, as they were getting ready for the onslaught of junkers and antiquers that is next week. The downside, well, while I had my choice of everything, it was a little early for haggling too much over prices. I still was able to check most everything off my list and I had a wonderful time.

The bluebonnets were in bloom!

This darling little thing, Pearl, was helping her humans put the finishing touches on their booth.

Pearl's booth

Swedish antique heaven? No, just another day in Round Top.

This was my treasure from the above booth. This is a Swedish school poster from the 1950's. Why can't our school teaching aids look like this. I can't wait to frame this up!

I have been accused of having a morbid sense of wonder. This confirms it! This booth was full of Victorian glass, display boxes. Inside were artifacts that the Victorian's were so fond of - taxidermy animals, rocks, fossils, bones - you name it. I love it!

A fabulous, old screen door to be used in our new home. Stay tuned for it's place!

Fisherman has been in need of a new bedside table. Bingo! I dug around (literally) and found this metal cabinet. I got a great deal from the vendor for my trouble!

A beautiful, Texas sunset - the perfect ending for a perfect day in Round Top.

I must apologize for the lack of good pictures. I remembered my camera this time, but then failed to remember to pull it out and document the day. There is so much eye- candy at Round Top that I was just too caught-up in the moment! It is a great experience and I recommend that you go some time. I didn't get a picture of my favorite find of the day. The booth I found it in was adjacent to the Swedish booth above, but was full of French pieces. Ooh-la-la! The vendor's name was Laurent and I spent so much time keeping him talking, so I could hear his marvelous accent, that I totally forgot my camera. I did however, come home with the most beautiful tremeau mirror for the new house. It is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard, so I will have a big unveiling when it is installed. Trust me though, that was worth the entire trip!

Have a wonderful Spring weekend.



  1. I wish I could have gone with you ~ we would have had a good time. I'm going next week. I love your finds!

  2. I might have to arm wrestle you for the cow poster! Adam would love it!

  3. Hate that I missed was a truly crazy week! the people watching alone is the best part!! Can't wait to see your finds.