Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Has Sprung and a Little T.M.I.

I'm baaaack! Wow. What a week this has been and one that I hope to NEVER relive. Sport's nasty, tummy virus was some sort of freak virulent strain and within twenty-four hours of his outbreak, all five of us were down for the count! Mr. Pearl has never missed a day of work due to illness in the twenty years that I have known him and this week, he missed two! My poor babies had to fend for themselves part of the time, as Mr. P and myself were too sick to help them. My sweet mom and grandmother saved the day with extra Lysol, Immodium and Gatorade and some delicious chicken and dumplings. I have spent the day cleaning out the house like they did at the end of the Velveteen Rabbit. I thought about burning everything in the backyard, but Mr. Pearl convinced me that bleach, hot water and lots of disinfectant would do. I sure hope so! I also purchased everyone brand new toothbrushes at Target today. I'm not taking any chances. People, this house is clean! (name that movie) Ok, that's all I have to day about that.

Sweet Pea and I decided to absorb some vitamin D this afternoon and took a walk around our neighborhood. Maybe it was seeing the world outside our home for the first time in three days and the absolute appreciation for life we now have, after surviving our near-death experience but the hood seemed more lovely than ever. I gave Sweet Pea the camera and let her take some pictures and I caught a few of her. We decided that God must be a fan of pink. Look at how beautiful a picture He makes with it! Enjoy!


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