Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday - Easter Parade

I must say that the celebration of Easter is my favorite holiday. I feel a renewal in this celebration that is also seen in the renewal of the Spring landscape and all of nature this time of year. April is usually Easter month and is also our "family birthday month", as we celebrate six family birthdays in April! I love to look back on old photos, as you all have probably guessed by now, and watch how my family has progressed through the years. Easter, Christmas and the first day of school were always dates that we could count on getting our picture taken, like it or not. I'm glad that my parents did this. We often had these photo sessions in the same spot each year, so it is neat to see the progression of the space and ourselves. I have tried to do the same with my family, but I am lucky to remember my camera, much less have a classy, photo shoot. Why do I put so much pressure on myself to get all five of us dressed to the nines and out the door to church on time - oh and hunt for Easter bunny treats and have a photo shoot? Asking too much? Heaven forbid that I actually dress the minis up in the finery before the big day and snap my pics. What a novel idea. Anywho, take a stroll in my Easter parade, will you?

Warning: some of these pictures were made in the seventies and eighties and may cause extreme laughter.

Me and my Daddyman on my first Easter.
This is in my Nanno's backyard which was the backdrop for many a family photo.

My second Easter. My mom and I had matching dresses,
but I can't find the pic!
The duck I am holding was covered in rabbit fur (strange) and was so soft! Yes, I remember him. I have a freaky memory.

These are my absolute favorite Easter pics. Sleepy-eyed, bed-headed and in jammies!

These outfits aren't bad for the seventies. I think that me and my brother look pretty cute, but why in the world are we in front of that nasty car? We must have been running late to church!

I loved these bunnies and Sweet Pea now has them in her room!
They have Velcro arms and can come apart! You can't really see it, but I have already eaten the ears off of the chocolate bunny. I never have had much willpower.

Do I hear a laugh? This was the beginning of my "awkward" stage that I have never been able to grow out of. I really did love this dress though. Look at my poor brother. Bless his little bespectacled heart. Look at how the glasses are smooshing his nose! He was the cutest, annoying, little thing. Again, we are on the steps in Nanno's backyard.

The Easter Bunny came! I know. My boy haircut. Mom - what were you thinking? This scarred me so badly that as a mom, I have vowed NEVER to cut Sweet Pea's hair shorter than her chin.

Later that same day in Nanno's backyard with cousin Aimee. Is she not adorable? She now has a daughter that looks just like this.

Another shot of cousin Aimee dressed for an Easter pageant that I "directed" at one of our family dinners. As the eldest grandchild, it was up to me to make my younger brother and cousins do things that I could bring-up and greatly embarrass them later on in life, like strap a stuffed bunny on the back of their heads and act like Miss Easter Bunny.

Hey, I should get points for creativity here.

This is my brother at the same affair. Isn't the cotton on his bootie a nice touch?

I was in college in this pic, going through my British phase of wearing hats. Ok, laugh out loud. I redeemed myself by wearing my Kappa key and pearls.

THE BEST EASTER EVER! APRIL 12, 1998 - Fisherman's first Easter
My favorite Easter Sunday was not spent at church in a cute dress, but in the hospital, in a backless gown, snuggling with my first born son and dear husband. It was a very special day indeed. Fisherman arrived around noon, just in time for lunch!

Sweet Pea's first Easter. Look at those cheeks!

Sport Cort's first Easter. We joked that his head was a circle template. It was perfectly round with no neck and adorable!

Where are these babies now? Oh how I miss smocking and matching outfits. Time goes way to fast. I guess I can't fault my parents for the Easter pic in front of the car, as all I could get was the minis by the entry table!

Sweet Pea and Sport Cort headed to a hunt!

Fisherman looking dapper. Sport is now wearing this pink-striped shirt!

Oh, my heart!

Self-timer magic - I guess Sport wasn't cooperating. The truck in his hand and the paci might be a sign! A moment in time.

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  1. So sweet! I see so much of your little ones in you!