Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday Recap

We had an incredible Easter weekend and I hope you all did, too. The Egg Hunt at the farm of some dear friends was a blast. The children hunted eggs - Sport Cort found one of the golden prize eggs and was over the moon - we also spent some time fishing and thanks to an approaching storm that thankfully held off until after dark, the fish were biting like mad. Fishing is really fun when you are actually catching. Fisherman informed me that the fun is on the "fishing" part and it isn't called "catching".
Sunday morning dawned and the minis hunted their eggs and we were off to church and lunch at my parents' home. We also celebrated our April Birthdays. What a day and I loved every minute. I hope you had the opportunity to be with your loved ones and celebrate this joyous time. The mini-pearls have the day off and are recovering from their sugar high. We are going to spend the day running errands and a trip to the dermatologist. Woohoo! Fun. Fun. Fun.

Egg Hunt Party!

Fisherman in his element - a storm was brewing and the fish were biting!

Sweet Pea showed all the boys how it is done - you go girl! Yes, she even touched the fish.

Sport Cort with his winning, golden egg

The hayride

Sweet Pea and I enjoyed hanging-out with the permanent farm residents - isn't he gorgeous?

Easter morning antics

The mini-pearls and Nanno -She is the Pearl in BirdiePearl and celebrated ninety years in December.

The mini-pearls and Mommom -She is the Birdie in BirdiePearl and celebrated eighty years on the fifteenth!

The cake that Sweet Pea decorated

The Birthday Bunch with a few extra helpers.
Happy Birthday to Mommom, Uncle Garrick, Aunt Holli, Mr. Pearl and Fisherman

Happy Monday all!