Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuvalu, Laguna

I had a little time to explore on my own when Mr. Pearl had his conference sessions. I headed to Laguna, as I had been there before and loved the quaint, little, main street down by the beach. It is typical: quirky art galleries and cheesy t-shirt shops, but still fun. I did spy a new addition from my last visit (mind you, it was four years ago). The spot? Tuvalu! It had me at the reclaimed door made-up as a message center in the window. This darling store was full of eye-candy and tourists like myself armed with cameras. You have to love a place with bowls of water by the front door for your pooch (which were allowed everywhere in California - please note people that live elsewhere - this is a good thing) and a beautiful birdcage complete with blue parakeets. Aaahh, sanctuary.

These totally fabu pendants - bottles fitted with light kits

I am bummed that this pic didn't turn out better. The bottom of the table is edged with old, wooden fretwork.

Can you see why I loved it?

If you are ever in Laguna, don't miss this place! It won't disappoint. You can also visit it here. I am off to supervise my crazy children. It seems they have forgotten that today is a holy day, not a holy terror day.


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  1. Ooo! I love it too! Love the accent color throughout the store!