Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peep Show - Quick Easter Craft


Ah Peeps! You either love them or you hate them. I have never met anyone who stands neutral on this subject. Me? I think they are disgusting and messy, but the mini-pearls love'em and well, they are pretty darn cute. I have been slacker mom lately and have not busted-out the Easter crafts, so on a trip to Targe' this morning, I threw together a few items to produce an Easter craft for the minis and serve as a hostess sussie for an Easter egg hunt that we are on our way out the door to attend. Whew! How many birds with one stone is that? I must say, they turned-out pretty darn cute and just in case the recipients of these pretty darn cute sussies don't care for Peeps, we threw-in some jelly beans and chocolate eggs. Bam!
All kidding aside, tomorrow is my favorite day of the year. We will be gathering with family after church and celebrating. We will be celebrating renewal, love and grace and the ultimate price that our Saviour paid for us and yes, there will be Peeps present.

Yep! Pretty darn cute!

I found these in the dollar aisle.

These little dandies were by the paper plates and such. We skewered the poor little Peeps with these.

To secure the Peeps skewers, we poked the sticks through a Styrofoam cup.

We then smooshed the cups into the little buckets.

Sweet Pea hard at work.

Sport Cort "helped" - he sampled the ingredients.

After securing the skewers and the cup, we drizzled a little craft glue over the top of the cup and then "went to town" with the plastic grass which is now all over my kitchen. Yea!

I thought the jelly beans looked like Peep poop, but Sweet Pea did NOT think that was funny.

Did I mention that Peeps are sticky? We decided that a covering was in order. Luckily, I had some cellophane bags that we slid over the top and secured with some ribbon. I then made little tags out of some stickers.
The finished product!

We are off to hunt eggs! Have a blessed evening.


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