Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Thirteen years ago today, my life forever changed for the better. This little bundle entered my world. It was Easter Sunday and it was the best Easter ever.

Home from the hospital

Where does the time go?

The Pearl Family of Three - oh my! Mr. Pearl and I look like teenagers.
(we were not by the way)

ooh that hiney!

First Birthday!

first loves - paci and woobie

Second Birthday at the train

A Sprite from Sonic, "real tongs", and the grill... good times

Third Birthday

Fisherman and Daddy

A new love - fishing
(this one seems to be a "keeper")

Kindergarten picture
(this one melts my heart)

Swinging from a tree

First Bay Fishing Trip

Legos - you are a master

The Beach - home away from home

A young man - when did this happen?

Your infectious smile

The place you are most comfortable - anywhere outdoors

I cannot believe that my first born is thirteen. Thirteen! How did this happen? I mean one day it's sippy cups and Thomas train and the next it's Legos, fishing lures, guns and deodorant. Lot's and lot's of deodorant!
Fisherman, you are a blessing to our family. You are a loving son, a patient, big brother and a loyal friend. Your passion and love for fishing and the outdoors is contagious and your knowledge is amazing. You are smart and you work hard. You are funny and a delight to be around and you light the world with your gi-normous smile. Happy Birthday darling son! Thank you for still allowing me to hug you in public. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for you, for it is sure to be great. Happy, Happy Day!


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