Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beverly Hills - that's where I want to be...sort of.

There's only one

Rodeo Drive baby! What you can't see is the convertible Bentley behind us.

The Ivy - I love this place!

Mr. Pearl and majolica - love.

The flowers at the Ivy were extraordinary.

This picture is for Sweet Pea

Yep. We hit all the "highs"

me and the mister on our balcony

Mr. Pearl had a conference in Newport and I got to tag along! It's been a while since we had the pleasure of visiting that part of the world and I had forgotten just how beautiful it truly is. Mr. P indulged me upon our arrival on Sunday and we spent the day in L.A. I don't really "love" L.A. It's just like any other large city, really. The "love" part is what lies to the south. Orange County and the lushness of the mountains and coast. We did have a late lunch at the Ivy on Sunday. No star sitings to report but we had a fantastic day in the city and then we put down the top of our rented convertible and headed down the coast. Are you jealous?

The mini-pearls were not too keen on being left behind. They were more interested in the Hollywood sign and In 'n Out Burger. So, here are a few pictures for everyone - L.A. in a nutshell. I'll post more on our vacay later. I hope you all are having a blessed Holy Week.


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  1. Ooh...can't wait to hear about it! M was there today...flew out at 6am...back by 11pm...YUCK!!