Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton and yours truly

What a week! Can it really be Thursday already? I hinted earlier in the week that I had some exciting events in store and I truly intended to post as they happened, oh well, I had good intentions. Does that count? The poufs that I gave a DIY on were used as a centerpiece for a table that I decorated for a fundraiser luncheon that was today. (I will post on that later) The event is near and dear to my heart, as it is put together by the local alumni association of my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and the local alumni Pi Beta Phi chapter. The event is decorated with tables designed by local designers, florists, stores and other fabulously talented individuals and features a wonderful speaker in the field of design. This year did not disappoint. Alexa Hampton was the speaker! Alexa's late father, Mark Hampton, spoke at the event in 1997 and we were excited to welcome her.

Oh what's not to love about this kitchen - it's in a beach house in the Hamptons

Alexa loves to use canopies in bedrooms. She said she loves the way it cocoons the bed and makes one feel safe and less exposed in the room. I adore this sunny yellow.

This is somewhat of a departure for Alexa, as she is known for her use of color, but she used contrast in materials, heights of objects and tones to make it a warm, fabulous space.

This was Alexa's own master bedroom before she remodeled her New York city apartment. This room is now her twin sons' bedroom and she and her hubby have a wonderful, new space with a beautiful canopy bed.

Alexa is awesome. Really. She runs her own design empire, that takes her traveling all over the world, all the while raising three children under the age of four. She makes it all look effortless! I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with her yesterday and I am ready for her to move to Texas. I want her as a friend. She is a hoot and so fun to talk to. All of her life experiences and talent, combined with a sharp wit and bubbly personality - she's adorable and I think, "yeah. We could totally be best friends." And then, she talks about design - I'm still with her, her design style is more formal than mine, but I love her use of color and classic interiors - and then, she talks about jetting to Italy for marble for a foyer - ok, I think, "I'm still there. I could hang with her." - and then she casually mentions her dad and David Hicks (her Daddy worked under him - gasp!) and the things she learned and absorbed as a child at her dad's oh so talented feet and then, well, could we be best friends? Sure, but I might drive her crazy asking her to tell me stories about when she was a little girl growing-up and try and soak-up some of that design goodness. Seriously though, she is so talented and her book, The Language of Interiors, would make a wonderful addition to your design library.

It's almost the weekend!


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  1. That's Wednesday's dress! I love it. It's so YOU! I was thinking that when I saw you at soccer practice. Plus, reading your thoughts about Alexa Hampton is how I feel about aspiring to decorate the way you do.