Monday, March 21, 2011

What Would You Do - Royal Edition

Saturday morning, after Sport's soccer game, I was casually talking to his coach - aka Paul or Mr. P or husband of dear friend Allison and father of Alyssa and Paul - he had just flown-in from an extended business trip that included Germany, Austria, London and a quick stop on the way back home in Bermuda. Yea, poor guy. It really is work to him though. Anywho, he is going back again in a few short weeks and I asked him to bring me a souvenir from the Royal Wedding. Paul's reply was said with a laugh, "I was looking at coffee mugs with their picture on them at the airport and wondering who in the world would want such a thing." Ok, that would be me. He said he would get me something really stupid when he goes back. Please Lord, don't let it be Will and Kate toilet paper or something. I have a tiny, loving cup/shot glass with Lady Di and Prince Charles from their wedding. So, we will see what Paul comes up with.

I thought our conversation would end at this point, as the kids were jumping around the parking lot and everyone was trying to get to their cars, when Paul looks at me and says," Yea, they were on my flight to Bermuda." I said, "Um, Paul, they who?" Paul replies," Them. Will and Kate." "WHAT!!!!" I immediately go into crazy American, Royal enthusiast, borderline obsessive mode. OMG! I launch into twenty questions: how far away were you, did you talk to them, how did they act, were they nice, good-looking, OMG!!! Paul very calmly explained they sat three rows in front of him in business class and they were, well, normal. Yea right. So, Paul flew three rows behind the future king of England and his fiancee on a trans-Atlantic flight from London to Bermuda and said not so much as "Hi" to them. How could he? This is quite possibly the closest I will ever come to seeing a Royal and my representative flopped. Not so much as a "Hi" or a smile. Nada. Nothing.

So dear readers, I ask, "What would you do?" I mean, yes, they are "people" but if given the opportunity, really, what would you do? I would have to say something. A simple "Hello. Congratulations" or "Best wishes" to Kate. Or perhaps, "Hi! I am totally your biggest fan! I watched your mum and dad's wedding on TV and I cannot wait to watch yours!" Too much? Oh well. Paul will regret this someday. I will make sure of it! Meanwhile, I am going to try and find out why Will and Kate are in Bermuda. A pre-wedding getaway? Official business? Have a great Monday!

Crazed American fan,



  1. Ugh! I'm totally going to kick Paul next time I see him! This is insane! THREE ROWS?! Yes, I'm with you, although I don't think I need the mug. I think I would have said "Congratulations and wished them well." Have you read William and Kate yet? Fantastic!