Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rodeo Ramblings

Western Pearls

Yes, after all the talk about "cowboy culture" and boots, we finally made it to the rodeo on Sunday. We had a blast! We got there in plenty of time to take a turn or two on some Midway rides. Sweet Pea, Sport Cort and yours truly are the only ones that really love it. Mr. Pearl and Fisherman wanted to get to the exhibits where it was warm and there were cars, tractors and a knife dealer to see. (Fisherman has decided to collect pocket knives and since Mr.P did as a kid, he isn't about to let Fisherman go about it unchaperoned. Some habits you never break.) We went through all of the barns, at least the minis and I did, Mr. P is a country boy that is highly allergic to most large farm animals, so after popping several Benadryl, he isn't much fun, so he found a bench in a well ventilated area to rest on. We were joined by Uncle G and Aunt Holli and capped-off the evening at the rodeo performance. It really was fun! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine wasn't long enough!

Midway fun!

A sympathetic Sweet Pea

Elsie the Cow- I am a little kid at this exhibit!
I love to pet Elsie and get my bottle of chocolate milk!

Western Sport Cort

The Gang - Uncle G, Aunt Holli, Mr. P and the minis

The Grand Entry

Bronc riding
Bull riding - my fave!


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