Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Rodeo: Boots and Decorating Ideas

Howdy dear readers! Here in Cowtown, it is one of my favorite times of the year. It's Rodeo season! Of course, the old-timers call it the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo, but everyone calls it fun! It is a social event here and even those who don't have a fondness for cowboy culture find themselves wearing more turquoise jewelry than normal, dusting off their boots from the back of the closet (It's a "Texas" thing. We all have a pair of boots somewhere.) and looking forward to spending time in a dusty, rodeo arena "whoopin' and hollerin" for a cute cowboy in a tight pair of Wranglers and some chaps. So, who's ready to rodeo?

I think I may have mentioned once or twice (wink! wink!) the Birthday Boots that Mr. Pearl surprised me with. Well... they are here! The UPS man delivered them today! I am so excited, as Rocketbuster Boots did an amazing job. They are just what I wanted and so comfortable! I am looking forward to sporting them at the rodeo! I sported them to Central Market this afternoon for a trial run. Love them! If you ever want a pair of custom boots, call Nevena at Rocketbuster in El Paso or check her out here.

The two birds and heart are for me and the Mr.

There are three birds on the top for the minis.

My initials are on the toes!

I thought that this would be a good time to show those that share my fondness for cowboy culture, a way to incorporate it into your home without looking like the set from a Roy Rogers movie. As I mentioned previously, most of us Texans have boots and a lot of us had boots when we were knee high to a grasshopper. There is just nothing cuter than little, biddy boots. (except the little biddy whippersnapper wearing them!) I have these little boots on a shelf in our family room. I have several pairs that were Mr. Pearl's and the rest were my minis. (Can you guess who wore the pink ones?) In a large group, they are a little much for some, but one pair in a bookcase, or used as bookends or a tiny pair under a glass cloche make a darling, sentimental display. Ok, I may have totally lost a lot of you. If boots aren't your thing, little shoes are cute, too. I have also incorporated a pair of vintage, silver-plated toy gun holsters into my decor. I use them as a little vase in which I tucked some dried flowers. Of course, we never have a shortage of John Deere tractor toys and old hats that I have displayed here and there. Western isn't for everyone, but we all have those odd things stashed in a closet that are sentimental and help to tell "our story." Get those out of hiding and put them out to enjoy! Chances are if you love them, others will, too.

Kawliga, our cigar indian stands guard over the kids play area of the family room.

I had him made for Mr. Pearl's college graduation.

Happy trails,


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