Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday - Our First Home

Our first home - this was a sketch of the house that I did for Mr. Pearl

Mr. Pearl and I lived in a cute little townhouse for our first year of marriage. We then purchased a wonderful, 1924 Tudor that was a complete remodel and our first big project as a married couple. We had a blast over-seeing the construction, as our home took shape. This was the home that we brought our first two minis home from the hospital to and the neighborhood that helped us to establish some very dear and lifelong friends. I loved this home!

The house was on a corner lot and sat-up from the tree-lined, side-walked street. It had a wonderful tile roof, fabulous leaded glass windows and a weather vane a top one of the gables! It was a doll house! It did have some quirky issues, as the previous owners had performed some serious remodel disasters, but the large crown molding, darling built-ins and barrel vaulted ceiling in the breakfast room were still intact. We also added some charm along the way. The front door had been relocated before us and the space from the old front door, made a charming window seat that overlooked the neighborhood and a spot that I logged many hours in and miss dearly! We also uncovered some beautiful, arched french doors that the previous owners left in a pile of junk in the garage! We had them installed in the master and they were fantastic.

I still miss this house. So, many wonderful memories were made there. Both Fisherman and Sweet Pea celebrated their first birthdays there (we moved three months after Sweet Pea turned one) and things were so much less hectic then! The neighborhood was positioned between three churches and each day, I was serenaded by the bells every hour, on the hour. I loved the red, white and blue Pierre Deaux wallpaper in the kitchen and the way the entire upstairs was tucked under the eaves of the roof and was so cozy! I guess a first house is kind of like a first love. It will always hold a special place in your heart. Well, I thought I would "flashback" and share some pictures with you all. Remember, this was over nine years ago! Boy, have we changed!
The day we first received our keys!

This is the exterior "after" the remodel - new paint, new windows - the landscaping was yet to be installed!
The small, arched window beside Santa is one of the window seat windows.

This is the sunroom just after demo started.

This is the sunroom and entry "after" -
you can't see the french doors that can close-off the sunroom

The living room - no, we didn't get to keep the piano. The previous owners had heavy shutters and window coverings over every window. They apparently liked to hide from the world.

Living room "after" - oh how I loved the toile curtains! You can see the window seat in the far right corner of the picture.

Mr. Pearl and a tiny Fisherman and a better view of the window seat

Fisherman and one of his dear friends, Harrison. They are in the window seat.
Harrison is part of the original playgroup that I have talked about!

View from the living room, through the dining room and on to the kitchen

Oh my! The kitchen - it really defied words. In case you are wondering, we did NOT live in this house until it was completely finished! There were no upper cabinets and no ovens!
"After" - my Pierre Deaux kitchen - I loved it!

The breakfast room "before" - its only redeeming quality was the original barrel-vaulted ceiling,which we kept!
We used the breakfast room as a sitting area. It is such a luxury to have a sofa in the kitchen and we loved it and used it everyday!
Close-up of my beloved wallpaper and the love seat and Mr. Pearl and Fisherman
The master bedroom - what you can't see is the built-in platform that the bed was sitting on, the 7' 6" tall, dropped ceiling and the false walls surrounding the room - I could walk behind them in the space! It was "something", for lack of a better word.
This is the master "after" and the wonderful french doors we installed. This precious furry pearl is Weller, our first baby! This was his favorite spot.
Fisherman in the same spot. Love Mr. Pearls Doc Martens!
The exterior view of the window and Fisherman's first birthday.
The upstairs area. The previous owners never completed it.
This became our casual living area and Fisherman's nursery was off of this room.
Fisherman's room, tucked under the eaves. This was right before we moved the nursery furniture downstairs for Sweet Pea and turned this into a cowboy, log cabin room.
I couldn't find any pics of Sweet Pea's room. It was a bright and airy space downstairs. I'll have to save those for later!
Have a great weekend! Sweet Pea is recovering from strep throat, so we are laying low. Hope yours is exciting!


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