Monday, January 24, 2011

Painted Furniture

I have read some really great blog posts and magazine articles lately about painted furniture. Most people are usually on one side or the other...painted or natural wood stains. Me? I am both. I have been contemplating painting a couple of stained pieces. I go back and forth, but I am loving the light and airy Scandinavian feel right now. But will I love it later? I am trying to sleep on this for a while. I do have some pieces that I have painted in the past. I guess my problem tends to be that if a little paint is good, a lot is better and I go overboard with the design.

My favorite piece that I have painted is a lingerie chest that I keep in our bedroom. I painted and distressed it, added different knobs from Anthropologie to each drawer, and painted each of our names and birth dates on a drawer. It is meant to be a keepsake chest that I can store special trinkets and mementos in. There are six drawers, so the bottom one contains wedding and "couple" things for me and the mister. It's a really great idea and someday, when I am organized enough, it will be used for keepsakes instead of a giant junk drawer!

The keepsake chest .

Each pearl has their own drawer and me and Mr. P have one with our wedding date.

We have also enjoyed our youth chair. The mini-pearls have pretty much outgrown it, but we keep it around for little guests. I painted the chair when Sweet Pea was small and she and Sport Cort loved it. They always felt so old getting to sit in a chair at the table with the rest of us, instead of a highchair. Oh how I miss those days! I also have a child's rocker for each of the minis. All of these are treasured and I hope to pass them on someday. Do you all have any keepsake furniture? Painted or no?

Chest in Sweet Pea's room

Our breakfast room with a painted chest and the youth chair beside it.

Close-up of the chair - it says "tiny hiny" on the seat, "lamby pie" on the chair back, "little piggies" on the foot rest and has the "God is great. God is good." prayer across the back. It really is precious!

I feel like painting something now! Happy Monday!


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  1. I love all this stuff! The keepsake chest is a wonderful idea!!