Monday, July 19, 2010

Shadow Boxes

Ok, a photographer, I am not, but these are a grouping of shadow boxes in my home.

We all have little treasures hiding around our homes. You know the ones: the sorority pin tucked-in the back of your jewelry box, a baby spoon that has been outgrown, baby booties, special tokens from a date or vacation -ok, maybe I'm the only pack rat in the world that saves these things, but it's a shame to leave these little treasures hidden! Several years ago, I pulled-out some of my favorites and put them in shadow boxes. They are great conversation starters and make a sentimental piece of art to adorn your walls.

Box 1: my Brownie pin, Girl Scout pin and Kappa Key. Box 2: baby teethers belonging to my husband, oldest son and daughter.

Box 1: baby bracelets belonging to myself, my oldest son and daughter. Box 2: My favorite! Monogrammed, sterling diaper pins that were my husbands!

I Started-out with simple, black, shadow box frames from Pottery Barn. I covered the back with memo samples of wallpaper that I ordered. (fabric and scrapbook paper work well, too) I then arranged my little treasures and secured them with floral pins to reduce any damage to the items. This particular grouping, I hang together, but you can scatter them throughout your home with your current art groupings. Have fun and be creative!!!!

Box 1: spoon my mother ate her oatmeal with as a child. Box 2: my baby spoons.

Box 1: my mother's childhood cameo locket and small purse that belonged to my great-great grandmother. Box 2: booties knitted by a family friend that my daughter wore to her dedication and baby rings belonging to my three children.

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