Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She sells seashells

At Home with Chris Madden publication

Veranda publication

I have a soft-spot for sea shells. Each one is a little treasure from the sea. My family likes to joke about the fact that the only side they see of me at the beach is my backside, stuck in the air, as I am always bent over looking for my little sea treasures! My sweet sister-in-law is usually
with me, so my backside is not alone!

Country Home - November 2004

Country Home publication

antique wooden bread bowl with shells in my living room

decorative shell boxes in my entry - I label the bottoms with the year and the beach where the shells were found

Each summer, we haul numerous, plastic grocery bags full of shells home from the beach. We also make a stop by our favorite sea shell store - I sell seashells down by the seashore (that's the name of it)- and buy a few prized specimens for our collections. I have gotten the mini-pearls hooked on shells, too. The bags of shells were starting to pile-up and I hated to throw my little treasures away, so I have gotten creative with ways to make keepsakes out of our stash.

antique typesetter tray with shells - this is in my family room

vintage Italian stacking tables with shell covered spheres- my living room

Shells add a wonderful touch to any decor. I pile them in bowls and pretty glass jars. I even have a bunch piled in a birdcage! I place larger shells on top of a stack of books. I have made several decorative shell boxes and my latest is a three and a half foot cross covered in shells that is hanging above my bathtub. I hope this inspires you to get creative and use your own little treasures around your home.

shells in a birdcage!

mosaic shell cross, glass jar filled with starfish

close-up of shell boxes and cross



*unless noted, pictures are of my own home*

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