Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback Friday - lemon juice

Welcome to the first - FLASHBACK FRIDAY - post! Each Friday, in honor of my nostalgic side, and for a good chuckle or two, I have decided to have a "flashback" and share a little "remember when" with everyone. Yesterday, I spent the morning at the beauty shop, so that my roots could receive some way overdue bleach, and now they match the rest of my hair! (It must have been really bad, as Sport Cort commented when I picked him up from day camp - "Momma, you must have gone to the hair place, cuz your hair looks a lot different! It looks way better!") Anywho, after two and a half hours in the hair chair, I yearned for the days when making my hair blonde, consisted of this........
Anyone else? It was much cheaper, too! This pic, by the way, was taken at Mommom and Grandad's lake house in East Texas, circa 1984. Note the adorable ruffled bikini - I think I saw one like it the other day. I pondered purchasing it, then remembered one of my mom's fave sayings to live by: "If you wore it the first time it was in style, you have no business wearing it the second time around!" Thanks mom!!

Happy Friday all,


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