Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Gifts

We have checked Monday off the list, that means three and a half days until school is out, but who's counting? I spent the day tying-up loose ends and searching for the perfect teacher gifts. Yes, we do the "everyone pitch-in" thing and purchase a gift card or something from the entire class, but the mini-pearls love to give their own gifts. Gifts that are meaningful (we have been so blessed by AMAZING teachers this year), but won't break the bank. I also don't want to add clutter to these precious teachers' lives, I mean, we all have enough clutter. So, a meaningful, useful, cost effective gift of the "non-junk" variety is in order. That is a pretty tall order!

My first idea was little bundt cakes from the local bakery with a tags that read,"You have been nothing bundt awesome this year!" Sweet Pea informed me that "that has been done" and would not do. Yet, she did not have any better answers. My next idea I kept a secret from my darling daughter and just went with it. The result? Bright, cute, plastic cups with lids and straws from World Market. I even picked one up for myself! Who couldn't use a new cup to fill with an ice cold beverage to tote around? And in case you are wondering, it received Sweet Pea's approval. Whew!

 Aren't these cute?

 I wrote each teacher's name on colorful tags.

 On the back of each tag I wrote: 
"Thank you for 'filling us/me up' with knowledge this year!
We/I hope this helps you 'drink-in' a refreshing summer!"
(Some of our teachers have more than one of the mini-pearls)

Finished product - sorry for the bad pics, my good camera is still not fixed!

Summer is coming - like it or not!


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