Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day and Honest Abe

I have just spent a wonderful day with my mom and our family. Nothing fancy, just a leisurely lunch and lots of laughs over the afternoon. This, of course, after a delicious breakfast in bed and a shower of love from the mini-pearls and Mr. Pearl. Being a mom to my three is my greatest joy and even on the difficult days, I thank God for the amazing opportunity He has given and then I pray that I don't mess it up too badly! I have such a loving example in my own mom and she is a blessing to our family. Thank you mom!

I snapped a few shots of the table. I went with a "frenchy" theme with toile linens, fresh lavender and peonies and blue transfer ware dishes. I was told not to do anything, but it was for my own mom, too. I could not resist the peonies they almost look fake they are so gorgeous.

This last week, Sweet Pea's class had their American History Living Museum. Each student chose an American, historical figure and researched a report on that person. The unit ended with the student dressing-up like that person at a living museum. Oh, how excited I was for Sweet Pea! Who would she choose? Jackie O. (a pink suit, a fabulous evening gown, a Lilly dress) or Martha Washington (I thought we could modify her Marie Antoinette Halloween costume) or Grace Kelly (again, glamorous) or Eleanor Roosevelt - I could go on forever - so many fun choices! Who did my darling daughter choose? Why, she chose Abraham Lincoln of course, because that is who all fifth grade girls choose. What? Really?

This was our conversation:
Me: Who do you want to choose for your report?
Sweet Pea: I am thinking Abraham Lincoln.
Me: Wouldn't you rather be someone glamorous and fun?
Sweet Pea: Lincoln is fun.
Me: What made you choose him?
Sweet Pea: Well, I am really interested in the Civil War and I REALLY want to wear the beard!

So, one stove pipe hat, coat with tails and Lincoln beard later, we had honest Abe. Sweet Pea fancies herself as a thespian, so I think that she felt that choosing Lincoln would challenge her more as a serious actor and would look good on her resume. I must say, she made one good, albeit, a little to pretty, Abe Lincoln. I guess I have to let her grow into her own person, but i don't have to like it! 

That's Abe in the middle with Jim Bowie and his knife on the left and Harriet Tubman on the right.

 Yes, a very serious gig for Sweet Pea!

 Happy Mother's Day!



  1. I love it! She's awesome! And Happy Mother's day to you!