Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Almost a Wrap!

The last weekend of the school year is upon us and we are already in "summer" mode. Sweet Pea has a light week next week and Sport had his end of the year program yesterday (this was my last performance, as Sport will move on out of the "early childhood" grades and on to sniff, 3rd grade!). Poor Fisherman is more than a little bummed though, as a middle schooler, he has to earn his summer by taking finals next week. I feel his pain! Sweet Pea has a volleyball tournament tomorrow and other than that, we are going to enjoy the weekend!

The mini-pearls are blessed with sweet friends.
Sweet Pea and her friend got to pass out the programs at the performance - she was pretty excited about  this. This show was the Pre-K through 2nd, so she was quite proud of being the "big kid."

My good camera is not working, so I wasn't able to get many good shots, but these are all priceless! The little moments and all the activity going on cracks me up! Sport finally spotted me and decided he didn't want any more pics taken, hence the hands over the face.

Yes, there is nothing in the world like seventh grade boys. You can always spot them and smell them; a mixture of b.o. and Axe. As a follow-up on Fisherman's class trip, with three boys in his room, they had five cans of Axe among them. I can only imagine... I have really been working on Fisherman about how cologne and deodorant is a much better combo than Axe and deodorant. Ok, anything minus Axe is better! Gotta love him though.

Happy Weekend!


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