Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Yesterday, we hit a big milestone at the Pearl household. Fisherman started high school. High school! How can that be? I remember his first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday. When did he learn to tie his shoes and say his alphabet, learn his times tables and read books without pictures? When did he stop having me walk him into school and do his homework on his own? I am so excited for him and this new chapter, but you wouldn't know it by the way I boohooed as he drove away with Mr. Pearl yesterday morning. I made it worse by thinking that because of his late spring birthday (and assuming he stays out of trouble), this will be the last time one of his parents drives him to school! 

Kindergarten Fisherman

First day of high school - ninth grade

Today was a bit better, no tears. Sweet Pea and Sport start school tomorrow morning. I will be driving them to school and walking them in and maybe hanging around more than I should, but I don't care. Time is going too fast and I am going to savor these moments. Good luck to other moms out there! It's okay to cry!



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