Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trash to Treasure

School auctions are a BIG deal around these parts. Auction committees work behind-the-scenes all year long for one night of frenzied money-making to benefit the children. I think you either love or hate these events. It doesn't matter if you attend a public or private school. We all "pay" to send our children to school in one way or another and being shamefully coerced to spend even more money for school does not sit well with some people. I, for one, don't mind a mediocre dinner and tables full of gift certificates and items donated by local businesses. I cannot resist the opportunity to bid on a stay at some fabulous vacation home, generously donated by an owner, but my favorite part of the school auction is the "Class Projects."
Class projects range anywhere from poster boards decorated with thumbprint flowers and bumble bees, to over-the top furniture pieces. (One school in my town has taken "over-the-top" to a whole new level. They have some amazing parents that have constructed wooden lemonade stands, custom chalkboards, wooden stands, fitted with metal coolers - awesome for icing down cold drinks for a patio party- and all sorts of furniture pieces that are stripped-down and painted in some incredible ways.) I have adapted this to fit my children's school. I like for the children to still have a hand in the "creative" process. They love to take part in making something, and they put pressure on their parents to purchase said project! Our school has some amazingly talented parents, as well, and they worked hard with the children to produce great results. The class project section of our auction contained a little something for everyone: an incredible copy of a famous painting, that each child in the class painted a part of, a wonderful magnetic, message board and custom magnets, a basket filled with everything you would need for an Italian dinner (complete with personalized aprons), a vintage school desk, given new life and the box below. The auction raised enough money to put Smart Boards in every classroom and purchase some other needed items.
I hope this Trash to Treasure inspires you to create. Whether you are creating something for a school auction, or something for your home, don't overlook an item just because it's ugly! You never know if that "ugly" frog is destined to be a "prince" or a BIG money-maker at the auction! Happy junkin'!
I purchased this old, electrician's tool box at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. If you don't know about Canton, it is one gi-normous garage sale in a large field in East Texas, the weekend of the first Monday of each month. Now, there are some covered pavilions, and really neat vendors that take the time to arrange everything and set a mood, but the real adventure is outside, tromping through the field! That is where I found this little treasure for $15! I spray-painted it a cherry red and purchased wooden arrow and star shapes from a craft store and painted them turquoise. I then purchased vintage bottle caps from an online store. I had the children choose ten or so bottle caps each and then, one at a time, they each got to hammer (yes, Kindergartners with hammers - they were great) their caps on with little masonry nails. I then mounted the arrows and stars to the box. For the inside, I purchased a set of vintage-looking alphabet cards and gave each child the card with the letter of their first name on it. They wrote their name on the card and I then decoupaged them to the inside of the box. I'll toot my own horn and say how cute it is! So, cute in fact, that we are now the proud owners of this box and it now resides in Sport Cort's room. He is SO proud of it!
I guess that leads me to one important part about school auctions: if you help to create a project, make sure it is something YOU like, because you very likely could be looking at it forever!
Happy Hump Day!

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