Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Climb Every Mountain...

ford every stream

follow every byway

til you find your dream

We took the mini-pearls out of school on Friday for an extra-long, long weekend and headed-up to Ruidoso, New Mexico where Mr. Pearl's mom has a place. We were enticed by the promise of cool temperatures, lots of outdoor activities and the horse races.

I have always claimed to be a "beach baby", even though EVERY family vacation my family took (until I was a junior in high school) was to the mountains: every one. We went skiing in the winter. I do love to go skiing, so I saw this as "good". But, then we would pack-up and head to the mountains in summer, too! I never understood why we had to go somewhere in the summer where it was too cold to even go swimming or wear my cute summer clothing. - I will say in my dad's defense, when he finally gave-in to the beach when I was in high school and took us to Mexico, he got second degree sunburn on his feet from sticking them out in the sun from the umbrella he had parked under!- My dad was paying, so I guess he had the right to choose and until nine years ago, he claimed that the mountains were the only "real" place to vacay. We have since won Popie over to the beach-side, though, as he LOVES our trips to Florida each summer. (He went kicking and screaming the first year).

All of this being said, maybe Popie was right after all! (Did I just say that out loud?) This really could be my age talking or the fact that this summer was brutally hot around these parts, but I had FUN in Ruidoso! Sans swimsuit and missing the last opportunity to wear some of my summer frocks! Did you hear that Dad? The mountains were fun! I loved the fact that I didn't break into a sweat walking to the car and I could take a long walk any time of day and not have to worry about heat exhaustion. I will never call myself a "mountain" girl, but I will acknowledge the fact that the mountains do indeed have their place in summer, as well as winter, but given a choice between the mountains and the beach - the beach will always win!

I must say that being in the mountains always makes me want to sing songs from the Sound of Music. Mr. Pearl had to remind me that we weren't in the Alps and I got a lot of "be quiet mom" from the mini-pearls, but I sang anyway! (The Sound of Music was ABC family on Sunday night, did anyone else see it?) So, I will leave you with a few of my "favorite things" from our
Ruidoso trip.

doe, a deer, a female deer

ray, a drop of golden sun
me, a name, I call myself
fa, a long, long way to run (or ride a horse)
the pearls "popping" out to say.....

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye,


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  1. I am thinking we need a trip to the mountains :)