Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Welly!

This weekend we finally received some much needed rain around these parts! I must say I was happy for the wet stuff,as it meant slightly cooler temperatures and more "fall like" weather! Summer had not left yet! Our awesome, TCU Horned Frogs played on Saturday night and the cool, wet conditions inspired me to breakdown and buy some Wellies. As a self-professed Anglophile, I have had my eyes on these for years. I have the Burberry. I used to have my beloved Weller-dog - a Corgi, of course. I drink hot tea. I can make clotted cream. Those darn, rubber boots were all that was missing! I chose a fabulous shade of peacock blue that Hunter calls "teal." I don't like to use the "t" word, as it makes me think of the eighties for some reason. I wore my jeans tucked-in to those babies with pride and my feet stayed nice and dry. I am ready for my invite to Balmoral. I can muck around in style, now!
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral in her Wellies!

The Queen with one of her Corgis. My Weller-dog looked like this! Note her Wellies!

Do you think I would look good in a head scarf?

Hunter Wellington boots have been around for a hundred years. Yet, they are more popular than ever and considered "fashionable." That is something, coming from a country that is not known to be "fashion forward." One can purchase these boots in an array of colours (note the spelling) and styles. I chose the original, but have my eye on some others, too. The boots have the "official" nod from Her Majesty,the Queen, and have the crest and documentation on the packaging to prove it! I must admit that my Target rain boots are just as comfortable and they are cute with a fun polka dot pattern. So, are Wellies worth it? They get this powdery film on them, called "bloom." You have to buy a special oil and buff the boots when this happens. This is because Wellies are made of natural rubber. They will last forever, so beauty is really in the eye of the beholder with this purchase. I am looking forward to mucking about my garden in my retirement one day with my "teal" Wellies. I am sure we will be "old friends." You will have to decide for yourselves how you feel about them. I'm not getting rid of my Target boots. A girl can never have too many rubber boots!

The official seal from Her Majesty.

Gotta love that British "style."

This was my selection!

How cool are these "moto-Wellies?"



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  1. Love it! I should get a pair. I like your colour choice!

  2. You crack me up!! I wore my Wellies in Korah!