Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Plate Special

I have a thing for plates. All kinds of plates. I love how something so very basic and necessary can be transformed into a work of art. I like using plates in my design. Plates are relatively inexpensive, yet they can have a big impact on your space. They can serve as little pops of color on a bookshelf display or give texture and emphasis when grouped and hung on a wall. I also like a haphazard stack of plates on a table. I started my plate collection with blue transferware. I have since strayed to buying bits of everything that strikes my fancy and I love all of them. I was in a "blue" mood today, so here is some "blue plate" inspiration. Happy Monday!

Welsh dresser with my own collection of blue plates

More of my plates on the living room wall

Charles Faudree loves blue plates, too. This is one of his designs.

I love this old cabinet with chicken wire in this picture.




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  1. Who doesn't love plates?! That last photo is great!