Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday - Time Warp

In a mere nine days from now, my least favorite day of the year will be upon me. Halloween - ugh! I know, I know, I am a party pooper, but is Halloween really necessary? I am terrified of clowns and Halloween just brings that fear to light. Everyone running around "hiding" their real identity, trying to scare other people and begging for food from door to door. We just moved from a neighborhood that takes Halloween to the EXTREME. People arrive by the van load from other neighborhoods and the sidewalks and streets are jammed with children and adults trying to have fun while navigating the mayhem. The neighbors erect elaborate yard displays and everyone camps-out on their porches to greet the costumed beggars. Mr Pearl and I would take turns taking the mini-pearls trick-or-treating and staying home to hold down the fort and keep our candy from being pillaged. It's absolute chaos. And yes, we are planning to go back to the old hood to celebrate with the old neighbors.

As a child, I really wanted the candy and was willing to endure the torture of going out among the "crazies" in order to acquire my sweet stash. My parents were very diligent to check each morsel for contamination. I was proactive in protecting myself, as well. The word on the street was that the old lady at the top of the hill was really a witch and wanted to kill little children, I always threw her homemade popcorn ball away first thing when I arrived back to the safety of my home.

I did enjoy dressing-up though. (with the exception of the year that my mom made me go as a clown, wearing the costume from my dance recital - isn't that child abuse?) My favorite was the year that my brother and I went as Super Heroes. I was Wonder Woman and he was Superman. Our mom decided to give herself a break that year from sewing us full costumes. She bought us each Underroos with said super character on it, threw together a cape for each of us and "voila!" a costume! Underroos? Does anyone remember those things? They looked like the Super Hero from the front, but the back was white - they were UNDERWEAR! My mom sent us out in our UNDERWEAR! Oh, and usually here in Texas, Halloween is a sweat fest. It is still hot. The year of the underwear costumes, a freak cold-front blew in. Mom's solution: pantyhose under the Underrroos and I wore my knee high boots. Really mom? I wish I could find the picture for evidence. It really happened. Do you understand why I am not so fond of this night?

That's me in the Bugs Bunny mask!

Remember the boxes with the clear "peep" window on them that showed the costume inside?

The child abuse/dance costume clown. I think I was forced to smile.

I LOVED this one! I was a queen! The tiara was REAL! It was my mom's Homecoming Queen crown. The dress was one that I wore in my cousin's wedding as a flower girl. No, I'm not lying.

Does anyone wish the 70's would come back?

Some might argue that this is not a costume...

Hello? Is this thing on?

Me and my brother - a Cabbage Patch Doll and the Lone Ranger.

Mother sewed this year.

Yes, I do "decorate" my home and I made the yearly trek to the costume store with the mini-pearls yesterday. I will participate if they want to. I won't be called a "party pooper" but the first sign of anyone wanting to stay in, I'm there! I will pass-out candy in my comfy clothes and eat the leftovers with Mr. Pearl and watch a Rocky Horror marathon that is sure to be on TV. Now, I am going to step to the left and practice my pelvic thrust!

Happy Weekend!

Krissy aka UNDER Woman

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  1. Girl! I happen to LOVE Halloween and all the decorations, but I can completely understand where it would freak out other people. Hang in there. At least it is only one day a year!