Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jolly Holiday

Ok, so I might have touched on the subject of "plates" before. Yes, it might have been last week, but I had more pictures that I wanted to share. I really do love transfer ware - blue, brown, purple, red- they all make my heart sing! Brown has been the "chosen" color of late and I have dotted the brown beauties on the shelves, walls and cupboards throughout my home. They make me happy. Transfer ware with pictures of people, set in charming, romantic, pastoral scenes, makes me think of the chalk drawing scene from Mary Poppins. The characters in these little plate drawings look so happy and peaceful, like life is just a "jolly holiday." Oh, if everyday were a romantic get-away and we could just sing and dance the days away without a care and be waited on by cute, little penguin waiters and be serenaded by farm animals and go fox hunting on a carousel horse. You will never look at your plates the same way again will you?

One from my "nest" - the beer stein was from me and Mr. Pearl's trip to Germany, an antique finial and in the background is an old printer's tray with a collection of shells inside.

This is in the family room bookcase. Spurs belonging to Mr.Pearl's grandfather, old wine corks, my grandfather's dog tags and one of several old Coke crates that I like to use to vary height in my displays and add a pop of color.
This wonderful breakfast room is from Dallasite Lisa Luby Ryan.
This is one of my own! A plate hung in an empty, vintage frame and an old prayer postcard tucked to the side.

Yes, I am aware that this is majolica - but I love EVERYTHING about this picture.

The pink gingham fabric backing the cabinet, the wonderful chairs, the roses and the plates-

of course!

Have a supercalifragilisticexpalidocious day!


Photo credits: 1,2,4 (my own), 3 (home of Lisa Luby Ryan - not sure of publication), 5 (Traditional Home, November 2005)

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