Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Banquette Beauties

The kitchen table is the "heart of the home" around our house. We eat our meals there. Attempt to navigate first, fourth and sixth grade homework there. We have our family "meetings" there. This workhorse also serves as my sewing table and it is great for all of those special school projects. The table has the scrapes, scratches, paint drops and glitter glue splatters to prove it! The chairs are another story. They are hard to move and make loud noises. In my dream kitchen, the chairs are replaced by a beautiful, built-in banquette. There is something so luxurious and inviting about banquette seating in the kitchen. (or any room for that matter) Of course, if I were to ever have one of these beauties in my kitchen, I would have to choose a style that looks good with glitter glue. So, for now I will keep on dreaming and enjoy the pictures of these fabulous banquettes.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Great photos! Love the one with the bench built into the peninsula... how clever!