Friday, February 4, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Ice Day 4

I woke-up this morning to the majesty of a winter's morn to find that Mother Nature had bestowed yet another gracious gift on my yard... four inches of fresh snow. The scene was absolutely beautiful and peaceful (I love the "quiet" of snowfall. There is nothing like it.). However, this wintry weather is starting to feel like the jelly of the month club or a visit from cousin Eddie - it just won't end! The mini-pearls have snowball fights and snowman building on tap for this afternoon. It is still snowing, so we are letting it pile up before we tackle it. Well, snow is white, and I love white. This is my new mantra, "I love white. White is good." This is keeping me going while I prepare for another day of cooking, keeping cold, wet clothing dry and constantly wiping the murky mess deposited by the front door from snow and ice-caked boots. How do my friends to the north handle this for months on end? Well, Mr. Pearl has made pancakes and eggs and I am going to enjoy a meal that I didn't prepare. Happy Friday all!

This white is what I prefer and my "dream" today!

Oh, to curl up and read a book here.

Aahhh! Now we are talking!


I love white. White is good.


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